Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Our Christmas tree. We didn't put any presents under the tree until the kids went to bed Christmas Eve.
Xander got what he wanted from Santa. "A Dinosaur Lego set that makes 3 different dinosaurs"
Mara got her "Snow White dolly" from Santa too!!
Pat & I got her this really cool kitchen. It talks and can sense what food you put on the cutting board and the stove! She loves it!!
We got started making his dinosaur before the rest of the family came over.
JD and I ended up putting it all together :)
Xander with his awesome Pterodactyl.
Me, Pat & Mana. Xander got a fun box set of Pokemon episodes (he has almost watched them all)
Mana got Mara a way cool Barbie house that came with 2 dolls!!
Xander got a fun game for our Nintendo DS. He and Pat love to play this game, and can play it for hours :)
A new nightgown from Mana. Mara only sleeps in nightgowns. She is such a princess!!!!
After the kids opened all their gifts, it was time for the adults. I got a new Precious Moments figure of Cinderella.
And the whole Twilight series from Karri!!
Pat got the Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia. It's 3 huge books and totally awesome!!

And a way fun Star Wars Trivia Book!!
Karri, JD, & Chris waiting for their turns to come.
I got Karri 'Breaking Dawn' and a Minimate of Chef Duff from Ace of Cakes!!!
I love this picture of Sawyer and Grandma Joan.
My cousin Jennifer suggested that we get pictures together and make a book for our Grandma for Christmas. So that is what we did!! I was able to put it together and she love, love, loved it!! Lisa took a video of her opening it and I'm trying to load it so Jennifer can see it. (She lives in San Fran)
We have this tradition that started when my dad was a kid that after all the presents are opened the kids hide under the wrapping. Then someone says "Where are all the kids?" then they all pop up!! The kids just love doing this! (Trying to load a video of this too!)

It was a great Christmas and we were able to spend the day with family. I am so grateful for my family and all that they do for us. I am grateful for the Savior and this time of year when we are able to celebrate his birth. I just hope that we can remember it throughout the year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at Pat's parent's house along with his siblings. It was so great to be together as a family. The kids did the nativity, we ate yummy food and had a fun time together!
Addi & Mara
Noah & Alex were running amok in the basement with the kids and decided that they wanted to become a 2 headed monster!! It's a good thing that grandma has fun clothing in the dress-up box.Some of the kids waiting for the prayer.
And of course a funny face picture!
I have to get pictures of me & Pat whenever I can, because we just don't have that many together!
The kids got all dressed up and acted out the nativity. Mara was the angel.
Here we have Joseph (Xander), Mary (Addi) & the Angel (Mara).
A Shepherd (Carter) & Joseph (Xander)
Jacob was great and read the story from Luke while the kids acted it out. Cody, Alex, & Noah were the wise men!! I just love their crowns!
Grandpa Tolman doesn't like to get his picture taken, so I snap one whenever I can :) At least he will smile on occasion.
A really sweet pic of Carter & MaraAll of Pat's siblings (including us) got Roger & Tammy an 8x10 digital photo frame for Christmas. We were able to load it with over 300 pictures too! Tammy's mother Ethel has been visiting from Tennessee and staying with them for the month. It's been so great to have her here, especially for Christmas. We love Grandma Ethel!!!!
In a bunch of my pictures I noticed that there was a weird smudge that was showing up. So I looked at my lens and noticed a fingerprint. I sat there wondering where it had come from then I remembered taking this picture of my nephew Maddox!!! He is such a curious kid!!
We got an All Girls picture and even Addi & Mara got in on the fun!
I got these cute pics of Mara talking to Grandma Ethel!
When we got home the kids opened up their Pj's and we got ready for bed :)
I will post more pictures tomorrow.

Christmas Sunday

I was able to get some cute pictures of the kids before church last week. I just love Mara's Christmas dress. She wore it all day long and told everyone that her dress was pretty!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Family Christmas Party

Saturday night we had our Annual Hillam Family Christmas Party! It was nice to see my extended family. Here are the highlights:
Xander & Karri
Mara & Conli (The Rockin' Angel)
Me & My Sweetheart
Max & Xander
Me & Mara
We always have Santa come and each child gets a present. This is a picture of a very nervous Mara! When Santa came she got so nervous that she had to go 'potty'. So while we were in the bathroom I talked with her about sitting on Santa's lap. She said that she didn't want to, of course. So I relented and told her that if she sat on his lap that maybe she would get a princess!! That made her happy for a moment, but by the time we went back in the room, she was nervous again!
Us trying to distract her from watching Santa!
The Best Santa Around!!!!!
We have had the same Santa for over 20 years! He's awesome, and it wouldn't be Christmas without him :)
Xander & the Big Guy He got a Lego set. As I took this picture he said to me:
"I just love it so much"
By the time it was Mara's turn, she had gone in front to be with Conli. When her name was called she just ran right up to Santa!! Needless to say, I was in complete shock!! She did a great job and even talked to him :) By the end she was starting to get nervous again but then was able to get down, so there was no crying. I am just so proud of my little girl. I thought for sure it would be another year of a crying child. I think my niece Sawyer was the worst, and the funniest!
Lisa has pics here.
Mara wasn't disappointed. She got her princess :)
Mara & Conli playing with their new dolls.
"Hi, I'm Belle" "Hi, I'm Gabriella"
One last picture before we left.
Chris, Sawyer, Me & Lisa.It was a really fun party and next year's is going to Rock The House!!!! (My generation is going to be planning it)

I just can't believe that Christmas is almost here!!