Thursday, October 30, 2008

2nd Annual Ramey Halloween Party

On Monday we had our 2nd Annual Ramey Halloween Party. There were treats, games, & Halloween stories! Fun was had by all!!

Top: Chris (Medical Assistant), Mana (Red Riding Hood), Grandma Joan (Witch)
Middle: Karri (Cinderella), Xander (Ash Ketchum), Me (Princess), Max (Batman), Lisa (Gumby)
Bottom: Conli (SuperGirl), Mara (Belle), & Sawyer (Chicken)
Ash Ketchum, Princess, & Belle
The 3 Princesses
The grandkids: Sawyer, Max, Xander, Conli, & Mara
We even played Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin!
My mom read a Halloween story to us in the dark.
The kids really liked it.

Halloween is such a fun time.

I'm just glad it's almost over.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Officially Fall


(you can see we've already been enjoying it!)

Saturday, October 18, 2008


On Thursday, Xander's actual Birthday, we went to the Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point with Lana & her boys, Noah & Maddox, and Pat's cousin Ashley & her baby Brooklyn. It was alot of fun for the kids and Xander and Noah were running around together alot. I decided to take my double stroller (which was a dumb idea, since I haven't been using it lately) and it ended up being empty alot because Mara was running around too! I just hate pusing around an empty stroller. We stayed for about 3 hours and enjoyed every minute of it.(I even got sunburned!) The kids really liked the little Cow Train and the Mini Maze. There was a huge monster that you could walk through, Lana & Noah were brave enough to venture into it. It was so nice to get out and do something for a change. I am such a homebody and don't get out much, so Thanks Lana for inviting me. I took so many pictures that I decided to make a slideshow. (Sorry Pat, I know you don't like them) It just makes the post so much nicer.

Ok scratch that. No slideshow because when I post it, my sidebar goes to the bottom of my posts and I don't know why. So here are a bunch of pics!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Xander's Birthday Party Day

This is how Xander's Birthday Week started! He came home from school with a balloon, birthday crown, M&M's, and an awesome Pokemon book!! Thanks again Miss Konni!! (She is a great teacher!)

We had Xander's birthday party a day early (on wednesday). Pat & I decided to give him some of his presents from us that morning.

Some new Pokemon cards!

A fun 'Where's Waldo' type Pokemon book!

And a Pokemon shirt for the winter!

For his party I made a few cakes to look like Pokeballs! Xander loved them! Xander had his first friend birthday party that afternoon.
We played Pokemon Bingo!

And made Pikachu ears!!

Blowing out the candle! Overall the party was a success!! I was so worried about it, but the kids had alot of fun. He had a Pokemon themed party but didn't get any Pokemon toys! (I thought that was funny!)

Later that night we had all our family over for cake & ice cream. Xan was excited that he got to blow out 2 candles that day!
He got Pixos (the re-release of Aqua Dots, which he got last year) from Aunt Karri, along with a cool Star Wars Lego shirt! Some awesome Legos from Mana!

I love this picture! Xander and Grandma Joan (my grandma)

The next morning (his actual birthday) Pat & I gave him this Lego set. He's really into Legos and loves these Mars Mission sets because of the little diamonds. When he got it he had a big smile and hugged the box!

Thank you to everyone who made Xander's birthday special!
We appreciate your love and kindness!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Xander's New Pictures

We took Xander to Target last week to get his pictures done for his birthday and I got the email yesterday with the proofs! I just can't believe that he is almost 5.