Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Money

We went to Walmart today and the kids were able to use their money from Christmas.
Xander got a 7 in 1 Bakugan.
(It's 7  different guys that combine together)

We found this Disney Princess castle for Mara's pollys a few months ago, but decided not to get it (it was 50 bucks), but today it was on clearance for $24, so Mara was able to use her Christmas money and we only had to pay 4 bucks for it!!

Christmas 2009

I realized that I wanted to get Christmas blogged before the end of the year. Well, I'm cuttin' it pretty close.
Here are a few highlights:

My mom's Christmas Tree

Xander got a 'The Legendary Starfy' for the DS from Santa

Mara got her "Ariel with a Big Flounder and Castle" from Santa
(it's a bath toy)

A new Lego set from mom and dad.

Xander made a handprint mold at school for Pat & I. I love it!!!  My mom has one of all 4 of us kids because we all went to Bonneville, and since we live here, Xander made one too!  It makes me want to have all my kids to go Bonneville too. Too bad that won't happen, I'll just have to make my own when they are Kindergarten age.

Waiting for the rest of the family to come over for presents.

Mana gave the kids a Leapster!!

And 4 games for it!!!!
(Mara is LOVING this one)

Xander got an awesome Lightsaber from Aunt Karri!

A new Belle polly set! (her old one has been dicapitated a few times)
And a new nightgown from Aunt Karri!  (she has been living in it for a few days, it's her favorite)

A bunch of new legos from Aunt Karri

Every year when all the presents have been opened, the kids lay on the floor and we cover them with all the wrapping paper, we take pictures and video, say 'Where are all the kids?"...........

And then they jump up and play in the paper!! 

It all started when my dad was a kid, so we've been doing it for 3 generations :)

After having an amazing breakfast (Thanks Brent), we headed over to Grandma Joan's for some more presents.
Look at all those stockings!!!

Xander got a cool remote control car.

A new Barbie for Mara.

Grandma gives the kids an ornament from Hallmark every year.
Here's Xander & his 'Bolt' ornament.

Mara & her Ariel ornament.

It was a great Christmas and I'm glad we have another year before the next one :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was spent at home with my family.  It has been very convenient for us to live at my mom's, since this house is the hub for family gatherings.  We had a really yummy dinner (and the kids ate it too!), watched a little bit of family videos from when we were kids (really, from before I was born), made cookies for Santa, got new jammies from Mana, and hung stockings.  All in all a good time was had.

This picture was taken by Mara!!  She's getting better :)

Makin' Cookies - Max, Karri, Xander, & Mana 
Sawyer, Mara, Mana, & Conli
(I don't know what Sawyer was doing!)

Xander decided to put his face into the left over sugar just for fun.

And this is what happened.

The finished product = For Santa
The traditional stockings at Mana's

Oldest to youngest: 
Max, Xander, Conli, Mara & Sawyer 

I'm tired, so pics from Christmas day will have to wait until tomorrow.


Last Wednesday (the 23rd) we were able to go sledding with Morri & his boys at Rock Canyon Park in Provo.  I, of course, only came along to document the event. 

It was Mara's first time sledding and she LOVED it!

Daddy & Mara

Carter & Xander

Pat even went down the hill a few times with Xander & Mara together.

Xander & Alex

Pat told Xander that we couldn't leave until he had gone down all by himself. He went down alone three times and loved it!!

A quick family pic before we left.

(I did take some video, but I don't like the fact that I have to put it on YouTube to put in on my blog, so no more videos for the blog.) 

In order to get to the car Pat took the kids down on a sled and I was stuck at the top of the hill! Morri was there to help me get down, but my boots were not meant for snow, so I fell on my butt a few times. By the time I was half was down the hill I had Pat give me a sled to put me out of my misery.  So I did a little sledding too, but not on purpose :)  The kids loved it and didn't complain about the cold until we got to the car and were taking their gloves and coats off, which was pretty good considering that we were out there for about an hour.
Thanks again Morri for inviting us to go with you, it was great!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Family Christmas Pics

We were able to get some quick pictures before church on Sunday.  I just can't believe how big my kids are getting and I know they will seem even bigger this June when the baby comes.  It's just crazy to think that after this long we won't be a family of 4 anymore. I'm excited for all the new experiences of 2010 :)

We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hillam Family Christmas Party

Saturday night we had our annual Hillam Family Christmas Party. We (The Ramey's) were in charge this year. JD did a GREAT job getting it all planned and put together! I was running around talking to all my cousins getting stuff taken care of for the 'man in red', so I didn't get many pictures early in the evening. But here's what I do have :)

Mara enjoying the frosting from a cookie.
I don't know how much my kids ate, but they seemed to be happy.

We always have a nativity and the kids dress up for it. Mara & Conli were some of the Angels. This was right at the beginning (when Mara was happy). She later decided that she didn't want her picture taken anymore, so she took off the costume and let Sawyer wear it :)

We have THE BEST SANTA that comes to our party. He sings great songs, tells the best jokes and the kids love him!!

Mara was a little nervous when he came out. I think she was just getting tired. So Pat talked to her, telling her that she needed to be happy if she wanted to get a present. She immediatly perked up, saying that she was going to get her "Ariel and Castle and Big Flounder". We had to explain to her that that is for Christmas day and not for the party, and that Santa had a surprise for her.  Well, she likes surprises so she was happy from then on!

Xander got 3 new Bakugan!!!!

And Mara, a Tinker Bell Color Wonder set!!!

After Santa was all done we had Pinatas for the kids to hit!!!  This was something that we did as kids at the family Christmas party and we really wanted to bring back for our kids to enjoy. We were smart and had baggies of candy for everyone that got to hit it, so all the kids got the same amount of candy, and the Pinatas were filled with some gum :)

It started with the smallest kids that wanted to hit (which were about 2 years old, I think) We were smart and got 2 Pinatas because the first one broke before the 6 year olds got to hit it!!!

Mara was so excited about the gum from the Pinata that she ate some right off the bat!!  I just had to laugh, because it was Double Bubble and it was huge in her mouth. We're not gum eaters in our house, so I was surprised at how well she did with it.  She loved it and even spit it out when she was done.  Xander on the other hand didn't care about it at all.

We stayed late and got all cleaned up. Mara was such a big helper :)

When we got home we let the kids open their gift and play for a few minutes before bed time.

It was a great party and everything went great!
I look forward to next year when someone else is in charge :)