Thursday, January 21, 2010

January So Far

With the event of the ultrasound for January, I've negleted to post pictures of everyday occurances. So here's a post to catch up for the past 3 weeks.

On the 5th I was able to get together with some of my best friends (Stefanie, Courtney, & Erin) and have a girls lunch!!  It seems like we only do this when there's an event, and this event was that Courtney was in town!!  She was only here for a couple of days and I'm happy that we were able to steal her away for a few hours :)  We wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse, so we met there, only to find out that they aren't open for lunch on weekdays!!  HOW RUDE!!! So we went to The Olive Garden, which was way yummy!  I CRAVE their salad and wish I could eat it everyday!!

After lunch, Stef came to my house and cut my hair.  I realized that the last time I got it cut was last July right before our trip to Cali, so I was LONG overdue for a new do!!
I went from THIS:


I'm totally LOVING having my hair short again!!  When it was long I would only straighten it once a month, if that.  So now that it's short again I'm more willing to have it straight everyday.

On Saturday the 9th, we had tickets to The Mad World of Magic at Mountain View.  Pat got the tickets for free and we thought that the kids would like it.  The guy was OLD and the set was soo 70's, but the tricks were pretty good.  It started at 5:30 and we had to meet Pat there so we didn't get any dinner before it started, so we left at intermission, and got some dinner at Taco Bell :)

With the new year Xander is in a new class in Primary.  After church on the 3rd, he decided that he wanted to start reading his Book Of Mormon all by himself. He only reads a few verses at a time, but he's doing it almost daily and really enjoys it.  He gets so excited when he gets to turn the page!  Some times he reads silently, but when he reads aloud I'm able to help him with the words.  I don't know if he's really following the story that's being told, but at least he's reading it!!
This was taken on the 10th:

And whenever he gets out his scriptures, Mara has to have hers too :)

Later that day we were able to go to hear Pat's Aunt & Uncle report on their mission, so I tried another hair style on Mara.  After searcing a few blogs for one that looked cute and easy, I decided to just go at it and see what I came up with.  So this is 100% me :)

On the 16th, Mara had gone in the toy room to play and had closed the door (I prefer to have doors open). So after a bit I called for her to see what was going on and this is how she looked!

I don't know why she likes to be half naked, but I don't care so much. If she's happy, I'm happy :)

My sister donated these size 9 pink shoes to the dress up box! 
I love when little feet wear big shoes.

I decided the other night to try another new thing with Mara's hair.  So before she went to bed I braided the whole thing.

And this is how it looked when I took it out the next day.  It gave her alot of body to her hair, but it made it really hard to brush out the day after.

Yesterday Mara found a stash of Play-Dough and decided to pretend that she was cooking.  She loves to play a cooking game on her Leapster, so of course, she had to cut up everything for real.

I thought about saving the play-dough but she had squished it all together so I just threw it away.  I'm not really a fan of play-dough so this was probably the first and last time she played with it at home.

Well, that's the end of my catching up. Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


That's exactly what I was yesterday.  I had a certain gender in mind and thought that I was 100% right for a very long time and learned that I was completely WRONG!!!!  It's been almost a full day and I think it will take me awhile longer to really believe the Ultrasound.

This is of it's face.

Did you see it??????
That's right!  We're having a GIRL!!!!!
I'm just completely floored, but excited.  She really is a very huge blessing because I don't have to buy ANY clothes for her (Mara's bday is in April, and she is due in June).  Hopefully there's enough of a span between the girls that Mara won't feel threatened when she's old enough to want to play with Mara's princess toys!
So there you have it!  Now it's just really deciding on a name. We have one in mind, but I'm not sure if it's right.
Any suggestions????

Friday, January 8, 2010

What Do You Think??

Boy or Girl??
We are having our Ultrasound next week and I'm interested to know what gender you think the baby is!!!  There's a poll in my sidebar where you can cast your vote and you can comment too!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Crowning Glory

I have 2 friends in my ward that always do the cutest hair styles on their girls. I usually just stare at the girls and think "I won't ever be able to do that".  But I've made a goal to try new and fun things with Mara's hair (just for church, since we now go at 1:00).
This is a style that I copied from Andrea, but I did braids where she usually does twists.  I'm just happy with how it turned out :)

I just wish I could have taken a better picture, oh well.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Project

No matter how much I like to make baby blankets, it seems like women are always bombarded with blankets when a baby is born. So I decided to make something new for baby gifts.

Diaper Clutch

Nursing Cover

The great thing about these is that I made both of them in just a few hours!!  And now I can make 'em for myself!!
So if you're having a baby soon, you know what you'll get from me :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Eve 2009

We went to Morri & Liza's for New Years Eve. We didn't do much, we ate dinner (and some awesome bacon appetizers) and played Band Hero until 11:45, then we gathered the kids to watch the ball drop. Xander thought it was cool. We had decided earlier to let the kids stay up this year, thinking that it would be fun for them. But I sure paid for it the next day having to deal with cranky children, but it was all for the sake of fun, right???

Mara & Xander's last picture together of 2009

Mara had to pose in her new jammies from Grandma & Grandpa Tolman.
(they're my favorite, the pants are so soft)

A quick pic of me & my girl.

Then Mara got ahold of the camera and took some pretty good pictures.

Uncle Morri

Cousin Alex

Aunt Liza

Thanks again for letting us come hang with you for the night. We love getting together with family :)