Saturday, February 27, 2010

Henoch-Schonlein Purpura

What a mouth full!!  And a pain in the #%&
What it is: Henoch-Schonlein purpura (HSP) is a form of blood vessel inflammation or vasculitis. There are many different conditions that feature vasculitis. Each of the forms of vasculitis tends to involve certain characteristic blood vessels. HSP affects the small vessels called capillaries in the skin and frequently the kidneys. HSP results in skin rash (most prominent over the buttocks and behind the lower extremities) associated with joint inflammation (arthritis) and sometimes cramping pain in the abdomen. Henoch-Schonlein purpura is also referred to as anaphylactoid purpura.

What causes it: HSP occurs most often in the spring and frequently follows an infection of the throat or breathing passages. HSP seems to represent an unusual reaction of the body's immune system that is in response to this infection (either bacteria or virus). Aside from infection, drugs can also trigger the condition. HSP occurs most commonly in children, but people of all age groups can be affected.

My little boy has this. It's very frustrating for us and painful for him. He had a slight cough in January and this is what happened because his immune system was 'too good' at fighting off his cold. It's been almost 3 weeks since the first symptoms and it seems like it'll never go away. It all started on the 8th of Feb.  We've been to the Doctor's office 4 times, the hospital 2 times for 2 different blood draws and he's been on ibuprophen almost the whole time along with a 5 day perscription of steriods.  They (the docs) say it could last up to 6-8 weeks!!!  We are approaching the end of week 2, so hopefully it will be over before the 8 weeks. They say that he'll be 100% fine afterwards, which is very nice to hear.  He has had some good days and bad days, but mostly it's good mornings and bad nights.  He's been able to go to school for the most part (there have been a few days when he hasn't been able to walk, so he's stayed home). I'm just ready to have this all behind us.
I forgot to take pictures until after he got on the steroid and the spots were starting to clear up, but since then we have been taking pics almost everyday, depending on how bad it's been. 

First off: (Feb 12th) Here is a lovely smiley face we found on one of his legs.
(and yes, he has Star Wars sheets)
It all started with swelling in his right ankle, which you can see here.
After the ankle, the swelling moved up to his knee and he wasn't able to walk because of the pain. After seeing the doc and getting the diaganosis, (Feb 11th) the swelling moved up to his spine and we had to go to the afterhours clinic. The swelling was 4 inches up his spine and 2 inches across!!  (I wish I had a pic of this one)  That night we were able to get the steroid, and he was walking the next day and felt great.  At the end of the meds, (Feb 16th) he was clear of any spots and the brusing that came with the swelling was gone.  The nurse told me that it could come back very easily, but I didn't think that it would have been as bad as it has been.

This is 2 days after he finished taking the steroid. (Feb 18th) The spots came back and he was starting to feel pain again. He went to school that day (this is a before school pic)
After school the spots had made a fun design on his left ankle.
The next day, (Feb 19th) he did great in the morning and I sent him to school. But by the end of the 3 hrs, his calfs had swelled up and he could barely walk.  So he spent the rest of the day on the couch with his legs up and built a dinosaur lego set :)
The swelling started in his left ankle this time (Feb 21st)
Here he is enjoying some birthday cupcakes with is 'dinner tray'.
He had been really good and stayed on the couch most of the day, but after playing with cousins for a bit, his foot started swelling and the spots showed up too.
I kept him home on the 22nd and we went back to the docs to see if we could get the steroid again.  They said no, and to just keep doing ibuprophen and eleavation until it goes away.  I was very emotional that day and had a few crying fits.
Here are the backs of his legs (Feb 22nd)
Feb 23rd: more swelling in the left ankle along with the spots.
And swelling in his right elbow:
Feb 24th: more spots on his legs
And swelling in both hands!!
There are even spots and swelling showing up on the bottom of his feet!
The spots show up bright red, then they fade away after a few days. Some days the only way I can tell if he has new ones is to feel his legs because the spots are raised! 

Overall, for the past few days he has been doing great as long as we keep up on the pain meds.  But usually he gets stiff in the evenings and has a hard time walking.  I'm hoping that we've already been through the worst of it, but only time will tell.

***UPDATE: March 2015***
He has had NO other complications from his bout with HSP. He is a happy, healthy 11 year old boy. I hope this will help all those out there that are struggling with this in one of your children. It is so sad to watch them go through this, but it WILL go away. I am so happy that my son is healthy now.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Birthday

I had my 29th birthday last Saturday,
We were able to go here
Had a very yummy frozen strawberry lemonade that was HUGE!
And we were able be in the company of these people
Thanks for a great night you guys!!!  Too bad we were missing a few members of the family (you know who you are, we love you!)

On Sunday we had a little celebration with my family and my sister gave me a very fun present:
And this is how it turns out:
It does what it says it does!! 
Now I just want to try it with something besides brownies and see how that goes.

I also was able to spend some money from family and got a new addition to my Precious Moments collection.
Along with this:
And I got a new bathrobe too!!!  It's so soft and nice :)

Pat finally got the rest of his presents from his birthday too:

February is such a busy month for us. I'm just glad that I don't have a child's birthday to worry about for another 2 months.

New Skirt

Here's my cute little neighbor modeling her new skirt!  I love the way it turned out.  The day after we took these pictures her mom gave birth to her little sister. 
So I'll have to get pictures of them together in their skirts when the baby gets a little 'bigger'.  (she was 10 lbs 6 oz)

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Princess

In the past week I've taken some way cute pictures of Mara. 
She is such a princess and I love her to pieces!

Gotta love the Fun-Dip!!!

Mana made Valentines cookies and we got to frost them!

Mara let me curl her hair for church
(even though she screamed through most if it).
It turned out way cute and for the most part lasted until church was over!

She loves to play dress ups most days, but whenever she watches Snow White she has to dress up just like her and act out scenes from the movie (this is the only movie she does it with).
Here's Snow White asleep, waiting for her prince.

Mara, my little princess, I Love You!

Friday, February 12, 2010


We've been really busy this past week, but don't have many pictures. To start us out, here's a Mara hairstyle.
And another:
I'm trying to do some fun things with her hair that show off the length too. So we'll see how many different things I can do.

Last Friday, the 5th, was Pat's 29th Birthday!!!  This is pretty much the only picture I have of him from that day.
We celebrated a bit at Morri & Liza's house and had cake with them and Lana & her family.  Then we dropped the kids off at Roger & Tammy's, went to eat at Yamato's, then saw the movie 'The Book of Eli'.  It was a great birthday for him :)

I was able to finish another sewing project!! 
My friend Stacy, who happens to be my neighbor and VT partner too, is having her 5th baby real soon.  So I was able to make her a nursing cover & diaper clutch for the new baby!  I had decided to change the straps a bit and ended up with some extra fabric.  She is having a girl and has a 2 year old daughter too, so of course, I decided to make some matching skirts with the extras :)  I did have to buy a little bit more fabric to get the job done, but now I don't have any leftovers!!  I even did a new design for the skirts and they turned out WAY CUTE!!!!   I just can't believe how small the baby one is!  But now I know how much fabric I need when I make skirts for my own baby girl!
Her daughter LOVED the skirt and I'm hoping to get a picture of her in it soon.

On another note we've had some medical issues with Xander this week, but that'll be another post all together.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Rest of January

I don't know why I've been such a bad blogger this past month. I have by no means been 'too busy', I'm just down-right lazy!  Here are a few highlights of the past few weeks:

On Saturday the 23rd, I wasn't feeling the best, so we decided to have a pajama day, since dad was at work for the evening.  The kids pulled out the toy dishes, the kids table and decided to play 'Resturant'! Here's what I wrote about it in my journal:

I love my kids! They have decided to block off the living room and open their own resturant! They have the table from the toy room and all the play dishes out to make food. Xander told me that it costs a penny to enter the resturant and when I'm done I get my penny back (but it has to be a real penny). Also we all have to share a pancake, and it's only for Xander, Turtwig, Mara, Bear, & me! And it's Bear's birthday and she's turning 5 and they are making a cake for her! I just love how excited Mara gets when she tells stories!
Menu: pizza, grapes, cake, pancakes, vegetables.
I just wish that I could video tape all that's happening (i know that i can, but the kids don't act like themselves when it's on)
They have the table all set up with chairs and plates and all for the 3 of us, and then Bear & Turtwig are on the couch with their stuff :)
I just love the imagination on my kids!

I have been playing around more with Mara's hair. The fact that I'm taking pictures of each style is adding up! I can't decide if I should just post the pics on my craft blog, always post them here, or start a seperate hair blog!  Because one can never have TOO many blogs, right???    So here are the latest dos:

* I'm always looking for something new to keep the hair out of her face.

I FINALLY made skirts for my nieces Bryton & Aubrey that live in Boise.  I bought the fabric after Thanksgiving with their mom, Amber and it's just been sitting in the bag for a month, but I finally got it out and went to work.  Yes, I did a little bit each day, so something that would normally take me a day to make took me a week (remember, I made 2). But they turned out WAY CUTE!!!  Mara was sad that one of them wasn't for her, but I told her that I will make some new ones this year that will match with baby sister, so that made her happy.
*Don't mind the shirt Mara's wearing, she was still in jammies when I realized that I needed to put them in the box to send, asap.  Amber took pictures of the girls in the skirts, so I'll post it as soon as I get it!

Here's a cute picture I have to throw in.  Whenever family comes over the girls HAVE TO play dress ups!  These are 2 of the favorite dresses that Aunt Karri has found at Target. I wish I had a dress like these to play around in!

And the last of the pictures of January.  Mara wanted to play Sleeping Queens with Karri & Mana (I wasn't invited to play).  I don't know who won, but they were sure cute!

Now that January is over and February has started, the days seem to be brighter.  It's finally nice enough to run errands without a coat, but I still don't want to spend time outside.  And I have 4 months left until the baby comes!  So far this pregnancy is going really fast, I can't believe that I'm already 23 weeks.  The kids love touching my belly in hopes to feel the baby move, but she's still too small for that to happen.  The other day they decided to start giving her hugs and kisses!!  I'm just glad that they are old enough to know better than to lift up my shirt to do it :)   We've decided on a first name, but the middle is still iffy, which is weird for me since it didn't take long for us to decide Xander's name, and we had Mara's picked out way before I was even pregnant with her.  But this time it's taking me a little longer to make the decision, I just don't want to get it wrong.  I'm not really keeping the name secret, I just don't want to post it yet. I have too many friends having babies and I don't want anyone to steal it ;)
Hopefully I can post at least once a week and get back to my regular blogging habits. Thank goodness January is OVER!!!!!!!!!!