Monday, March 22, 2010

Bubble Time

My mom came home from the store on Saturday with a new bottle of bubbles, so of course, Mara pestered her for awhile until finally they went outside to blow bubbles.  I took more pics than this, but these are my favorite.  It just makes me wish I had a better camera and a smaller tummy so I could get those 'shots'.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

American Heroes

Thursday night Xander participated in his first program while in Kindergarten.  His grade sang 'Yankee Doodle'. He knew all of the verses (I thought there was only 1, but there is at least 3-5!)  He did a great job and was so excited to be in the program.
He's on the top row, somewhat in the middle of the picture, with his head down.
There were so many people there so it was hard to get pictures. But I was able to video tape it, eventhough it probably didn't turn out that great. Oh well, it was fun to be there anyway :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random Thoughts

First I'm excited to report that Xander is doing SO much better!!  He's still taking meds everyday, but only once! He doesn't swell as often as he used to, and his spots are getting few and far between.
These are his legs last week: March 9th  (4 weeks after it all started)
These are his legs tonight: March 17 (5 weeks later)
I was starting a bath for him tonight and took one look at his legs and they just look so AMAZING!! There is only 3-4 new tiny spots and the rest of his legs have faded ones.
It makes me so happy and relieved that he's doing this well.  When it all started, it was such a frustration that there wasn't anything I could really do to make it go away. But we've just taken it day by day and look at where we are now :)

Mara decided that she wanted to have her hair like Giselle's (from Enchanted). Meaning: she wanted flowers in her hair.  So she ran to the bathroom and picked out some flowers and bows so I could put them in her hair.  She was so happy to be like Giselle :)

I feel so, I don't know what the word is, that I have neglected to get belly pictures during this pregnancy.  I was so good when I was pregnant with Mara (since I didn't do it at all with Xander's pregnancy) at having my picture taken on the days of my doctor appts so I could see how big I got, but I just keep forgetting to do it this time around.  So here we are, at 29 weeks, and this is only my 2nd pic I've had taken.  Granted, I look HUGE, but I don't feel huge, at least not yet.  I know I'll be getting alot bigger in the next few months as we near the end. 
I'm only just starting to really feel the aches and pains with pregnancy.  She is starting to really have awake times and sleeping times, which, for the most part, I hope change once she's born. But I do love being pregnant. It's just so amazing that ones body can change around to accomodate another little life.  I love being able to get to know my baby by the movements that she makes.  So far, she really likes to have her feet in my right rib and has just recently started having hiccupps. Also, she thinks that it's 'play time' when I'm ready to go to sleep and is always fighting with the matteress when I'm lying on my side.
But I'm so excited to have another child in our family. It's been so long so it seems like everything is all brand new. I just hope I haven't forgotten how to take care of a newborn :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

7 Years

It's been 7 years and I miss you more and more each day.
I love you Dad!!
I miss the dog sometimes too :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sewing Projects

We all know that my love of sewing has blossomed in the past 6 months. I've made countless skirts for Mara, all 5 of my nieces, and my neighbors daughters.  I've also made 3 skirts for our upcoming addition along with a blanket for her too (I haven't taken pics of those but I will). 
But I've ventured into some new patterns in my past few projects.

First:   I made a new purse for myself!!
(I borrowed the pattern from my cousin)
I've been looking at the blue fabric for a few months and didn't know what to do with it, so I never bought it.  I took my sister fabric shopping for the purse and we found a great coordinating fabric to go with it!
It's bigger than my other purse and I LOVE IT!!!

And then just today I made a Colored Pencil Roll-Up!!!!
I've wanted to make a crayon one for awhile now, but realized that we could use one for colored pencils more.  I found a tutorial here but altered it for the bigger pencils. And what's even better is that I used some leftover fabric that I've had since last summer :)  I also used flannel instead of cotton so I didn't have to use interfacing.  And I made it pretty fast, so my pencil pockets aren't very straight, but they all fit!!!

I still have a few more projects that I need to finish up so that I can maybe put my machine away for a bit (yea, right!). 
But I need some advice!!!
I am a few years behind in my scrapbooks for my kids and my ultimate goal was to get as much caught up before the baby came, but I feel like it's such a daunting task.  And I'm starting to get more into digital stuff in photoshop, but I don't know if I'm ready to completely switch to digital. I have so much paper and tangible things and I love the realness of scrapbooks, so I don't know what to do!! I know it would be so much faster to do it on the computer, but I don't think I'll like it as much.
I need help deciding, so what do you think??

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Update on Xander

It's amazing how much better he's doing this week.  He's had minimal swelling/bruising, the spots are clearing up and he's only getting a few new ones each day.  At night, if he's stiff, he'll just try to walk fast to get his muscles going (usually a few laps around the kitchen table or up and down the hallway) and he feels better.  I haven't taken any new pictures in the past week, but he's starting to look more 'normal' each day.  He's still taking ibuprophen every day, but not as often :)
I'm so thankful for his improvements each day. It makes us ALL very happy.
Thanks for all your well wishes, I know things get easier with a big support system :)