Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boondocks Revisited

Just the other day (April 27th) we were able to go to Boondocks in Draper for the RC Willey family day. The weather was really really windy so we got to the mini golf asap.
I had to take a pic of myself just to prove that I was there too.
Mara was cute trying to golf on her own and she did pretty good towards the end.
We were on the Lizard course and at the end there was a huge lizard for the 18th hole. So we played around with it :)
After the golfing Pat took Xander on the race cars and they had a great time.
I stayed in line with Mara, so Pat could switch kids easier. She waited sooo patiently for her turn.
After dinner Mara was able to play with Livvy Greer for most of the evening. These two love seeing each other, too bad we don't get together very often.
Pat & Xander went around and played games to get tickets. After getting extra tickets from a co-worker, we ended up having over 300 tickets!!
Here are the kids with their treasures!  Bouncy balls, suckers, a frog and an inflatable sword!
Gotta love Boondocks!

Playing Catch Up

I hate getting behind in my blogging, but it seems like it inevitably happens.
To start out, Pat sprained his ankle the Friday before Mara's birthday (to be nice to everyone, I won't post pictures, it's kinda gross)
But the pictures that I do have:  Pat found a moth at work on a really rainy day and was able to bring it home and show the kids. When he showed the moth to the kids Mara said, "Lets call him Bee" and Pat said, "No its a moth" and Mara replied, "Then lets call him Efferson!"  ????? Where'd she come up with that one!

On the 15th, we spent time outside in the nice weather. Xander and Pat played baseball for a bit, then Mara wanted to play too.  I think this was her first time trying to play and it was so cute!
This is my favorite picture! I had to blow it up to see the cute look on her face. She was just so happy to be playing with Daddy.
What a happy girl!

Friday the 16th, we were able to go to my nephew Noah's birthday party. He turned 9 and had about THE BEST party ever!!!! 
 The company GAMIN' RIDE came to his house and inside is a Video Game Theater!!
It has 4 screens and 16 chairs and a ton of different games to play!
It was there for 2 hours so all the kids were able to play a bunch of different ones.
Xander was able to play a few games with his cousins: Alex, Cody, & Noah.
Mara had to be a part of it all, if only for a few minutes.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mara's Birthday Celebration

Grandma Tolman was gone for Mara's birthday, so she came over about a week before and gave Mara her gifts. She got a way fun Princess book that came with a playmat and figures, and some new clothes.
The night before her birthday we gave her a new nightgown. It was one that I had bought at a craftshow and had forgotten about. I'm just glad that it fits her.
For breakfast she requested pancakes.
Then it was time to open gifts from us.
Xander picked out the Princess & The Frog Polly set for her. Which she loved!!
She also got a few new dresses, a tableware set of Princess & The Frog and a 'Snow White Baby'.
I even did a 'princess' hair style for her for church!
I forgot to get a picture of the kids before church when they wore their Easter clothes, so I made sure to get one before we left.
After church, Aunt Karri was here decorating Mara's cake and she had to give her 2 cents about it.
The finished product!
After a yummy dinner and playing outside with cousins it was time to open presents!

She was very spoiled and got a bunch of fun stuff.
This movie from JD & Chris (Barbie: The Princess & The Pauper)  made her scream so high that only dogs could hear!  We had rented it a few months ago and she love, love, loved it, so she was overly excited that we now own it!  She also got a Barbie: Mermaidia movie too :)
A new Beauty & the Beast playset from Mana!
My mom is working hard this year to make pillowcases for all the grandkids for their birthdays. It's been really fun for her to use the Cricut in a whole new way.  She uses my machine WAY more than I do!
New Barbie and Ken from Aunt Karri, along with a carrying case!  So cool!
Barbie clothes from Mana!
A Prince Eric doll from Grandma Joan!
And it's official: Mara has WAY TOO MANY BARBIES!!! 
Lisa (my sis in law) and I have been discussing the fact that our girls have way too many barbie dolls and 90% of them have come from Grandma Joan!  She just can't pass up a great deal and LOVES to give gifts to the grandkids, so mostly it's a new barbie for the girls.  It's getting really tiring having so many dolls lying around. Ultimately, I would love for Mara to have maybe 3-4 dolls and just keep the clothes from the others and only buy new clothes for them. We have both told Grandma 'no more barbies', but she's still trying to give them, so we'll see what happens in the future. But for now, Mara likes playing with them and I just need to figure out which ones are her favs and then get rid of the rest.

That night was a combined celebration of all the April birthdays in the family. Mara's bday is the 11th, my mom's is the 14th, and my niece Sawyer's is the 19th. We've been lucky to celebrate them all together, but might need to have them separate in the future, you know, girls and their jealousy.

This picture makes me laugh. We've got our 3 birthday girls and then Conli had to jump into the picture! She was so funny all night and had to be in the middle of everything, even though her birthday was barely a month ago!  We might just need to change her birthday from March to April so she can feel included in the festivities! But I love that it's Mana & her 3 girls :)
Happy Birthday Girls!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

4 Years Old!

Mara turned 4 yesterday and is so proud of it!!!
Here she is modeling a new dress she got from Grandma Tolman, and she had to put the bow from the top of the present on her dress too! 
It makes me think of Phoebe on Friends :)
A few things about Mara:

  • She is very loving and is always willing to give hugs and kisses (even to my belly!)
  • She loves her big brother and always wants to do the things that he's doing, eventhough it drives Xander crazy because he says she's a 'copy cater'!
  • She is always so excited when Daddy comes home and always gives him loves.
  • She loves to play in the bathtub and pretend that she's a mermaid.
  • She is always playing 'princess' with either her princess dolls or dress ups.
  • She loves to dance and will do it ALL the time, even when we're in a hurry to get dressed or go somewhere.
  • She is a poser, as you can tell from the picture.
  • Her favorite TV shows are Olivia and Word World. She also loves Phineas & Ferb because Xander does.
  • She loves ALL princess movies (especially Little Mermaid right now) and is starting to watch Barbie movies too, thanks to Uncle JD & Uncle Chris.
  • Her favorite color is Pink.
  • She loves to eat cheese sandwiches, pink milk, and fruit snacks.
  • She's a really good eater and will (for the most part) eat whatever I make for dinner, even if it takes her all night, she'll still eat it, only because we make her :)
  • She is very excited to be a big sister and talks about it all the time.
  • She knows how to count past 10, but doesn't know her ABC's (I blame myself)
  • She knows how to write her name with a little help.
  • She still has some trouble with her colors. She mixes up Yellow & Blue. For a long time we thought that she might be color blind, but realized that she was just unsure about how to say Yellow. Now that she knows how to say "Lellow" she's getting much better.
  • She says certain words wrong like forgot = gotfer, does = dews, she= her. I love it and am sad that she'll grow out of it.
  • She loves having 'pretty hair' but usually cries when she gets wet from the waterbottle!
  • She loves her bear and takes her everywhere we go. But bear stays in the car for the most part because of being lost at Target last year.
  • She has a great imagination and can play by herself for hours.
  • She loves to wear dresses and skirts, and will usually get mad at me if I pick out pants for her to wear, but she will wear leggings :)
  • She loves to have 'play dates' but usually ends up bossing her friends around.
  • She knows how to unbuckle her seat belt, but can't buckle it by herself yet :(
  • She wears a size 11 shoe and is a 5-6 in the girls section for clothes.
  • She's in the 90% for her height (41 3/4 inches) and 97% for her weight (48.8 lbs).
  • She loves to collect stickers and draw pictures.
  • She loves books and wants to be read to all the time.
  • She likes to have her nails painted, but it doesn't stop her from biting them.
  • She likes to sing, but gets embarassed when people pay attention to it.
  • She is very polite and says 'please' and 'thankyou' all the time.

I love my little girl and am constantly surprised and amazed at the things that she does. Every time my children have birthday's I'm always floored at how fast they are growing up. It's just amazing how fast time flies by. It feels like yesterday that she was born and now she's 4.
Happy Birthday Mara!
I Love You!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Family Picture

Mara has been drawing people for a few months now and has just recently started doing family pictures. She drew this one yesterday and showed it to me when she was done. As she was telling me who everyone was she gasped and said "Oh no! I gotfer the baby!", and then she added the baby to the picture. (Mara says 'gotfer' for 'forgot', and she also calls the baby by name, but I just don't want to post what her name is yet) 
I love that she is including her baby sister in the things she does, like the pictures that she draws and her prayers :)
I know she's going to be a awesome big sister :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dinner & Jazz

Monday was our 8 year wedding anniversary, but Pat had class and work, so he was gone all day. But we were able to celebrate on Tuesday night!  We went out to Texas Roadhouse and were able to get a table right when we walked in!!  (probably because I called ahead)  I love that place!
Then we headed up to Salt Lake to go to the Jazz game.  A co-worker of Pat's gave us their tickets for that night because they weren't able to go. So we had free tickets to THE BEST game of the year!  They played against the Oklahoma City Thunder, a team that they have lost to all season!  It was a very intense game but after a high scoring game and overtime The Jazz were Victorious!!!!  It was awesome!  Let's just hope that they do well in the playoffs!

Here's a pic of a 3 point shot by Deron Williams!
(who had a career high of 42 points that night!)
The final score!
 I'm glad we were able to go out and celebrate and in such a great way!!!