Saturday, May 29, 2010


Jaina Emilie Tolman
Born: Friday, May 28th, 2010
Time: 7:30 PM
Weight: 7 pounds 9 ounces
Length: 20 1/2 inches

More pictures to come later!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Bump & Mara Dress

Since I haven't taken many pictures of my belly I decided to get a snapshot before it's over.  I don't really like the full body view so here's what you get!
I feel very HUGE and I'm ready to be done.
This pic is at almost 39 weeks.

I've had everything ready for the baby for awhile and finished up the last few things on my list last week, so I've been trying to find other things to keep me busy.  I've already finished Pat's gift for Father's Day (but I can't take a pic or post it because he reads the blog!), I've already addressed and stamped envelopes to send out birth announcements, I've finished some projects that I've needed to Mod Podge, and pulled out my sewing machine again.

I had seen a picture in a magazine with a little girl wearing a skirt that was smocked/shirred at the top and I wanted to make one. I bought the elastic thread when I got the fabric a few months ago and just let it sit until last week.  I made the skirt, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. So it might end up as a shirt for Mara or a dress for the baby. I still haven't decided yet (but I'll post a pic when I make up my mind).
But I did want to make matching dresses and smock the top of those too!  So after figuring out what I did wrong with the skirt I was able to make this sundress for Mara!
It didn't take much time (even considering that I had to take it all apart and re-size the bodice, then put it back together).  I've made the one for the baby, but I'm waiting to put the straps on it until she's here.  I made braided straps for Mara's but I need to change them or shorten them or something because they keep falling off her shoulders and it's bugging me.

But we're hoping to have the baby in the next few days, so keep checking back!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have 1 week until my official due date.
I would love to find out what day YOU think this baby will come and how big you think she'll be.
Leave a comment with your prediction :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bronco Days!!!!!

Every year Bonneville School has Bronco Days, which is a fun carnival, for a school fundraiser. Xander was so overly excited for this.  Yesterday afterschool it was all he could talk about, that it was 'Bronco Days today!'  He kept telling me that it started at 5:30 and that we needed to be there the whole 2 hours that it ran.  But we had to wait for Pat to get home from work before we could go, and that about killed Xander.  He did okay waiting and we were able to walk to the school around 6.  We bought ticket lanyards for the kids that entitled them to do up to 20 things.  Each booth or activity was 1 ticket, so there was a high potential to get alot of stuff.   Mara was in it for the candy, and Xander wanted tickets.  At the end we had about 10 tickets and the kids were able to get little prizes.  It was alot of fun and it made Xander happy :)

Mara in the sawdust pool
(she found a jolly rancher and was pretty happy about it)
Xander got a few tickets from this one because he was able to hit the target with the nerf gun!
You would think with all the practice they got a few weeks ago they would have been able to get a hole it one, but no luck. At least they got candy as parting gifts :)
The line for the hair coloring was really short so Pat took Mara over. She was so excited to have 'pink' in her hair!!!

And she was even brave enough to get her face painted!!
(but only if daddy was with her)

While Mara & Pat did the hair and face painting, Xander and I waited in line for the balloon 'animals'.
Here's Mara with her flower.
And Xander with his sword!
On the walk home Mara was worn out, so daddy was nice enough to carry her for a bit.
Such a fun night to have a school carnival.

Week In Review

We made a fun bouquet of flowers for Grandma for Mother's Day.  It's just flowers cut out of cardstock, and I let the kids fingerpaint on them (it was supposed to be finger prints for the petals, but Mara was just making them her own), a button for the center, and we used green pipecleaners as stems and a painted styrofoam ball as the dirt.  The kids had alot of fun making them for their Grandmas.

I had seen this on my friend Natalie's blog (who got it from her sister's blog here) so I decided to try it out. Instead of using sponge rollers or fabric, you roll up the hair in socks!!  It was really easy to do, but I think her hair was too wet, so by morning it was just wavy and not the spiral curls I was hoping for. But Mara didn't really like them in her hair all that much, so it might be awhile before I try it again.

My mom took an afternoon off and spent some time out in the garden. So of course, Mara had to be her helper. She got out gloves and a shovel and was ready to work.  She just loves Mana so much and is ALWAYS her shadow and is wanting to help her in any way.  That afternoon it was really nice because I was able to get a much needed nap while Xander was at school :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Nielson's Grove Park

Last Thursday, the 6th, we went to Nielson's Grove Park for a little bit before Xander had to go to school.  It was a really windy day, so we had to bundle up in our jackets. We made sure to take a little bit of bread with us for the ducks.
Pat found a duck that was camped out under a large rock. She was sitting on a nest of eggs!! She even ate from Pats hand, it was cool!
There was even a bird that would eat from your hand too!
I was trying to get a snapshot of Mara, but she noticed the camera and made this pose!
Oh how I love her!
We even saw a Mommy Duck with her ducklings out in the pond. They were so cute and fluffy!
Pat noticed a bunch of ducks by some bushes, so he and Xander went to investigate.  They found 4 nests, but only 2 had ducks on them.
This nest had 12 eggs!!!  So crazy!
It's such hard work having babies!
I love this pic!
I think this duck had too many eggs to sit on so they were coming out the sides!
Aww, spring!  It's always fun to see baby animals :)