Saturday, June 26, 2010

4 Weeks Old

I can't believe it's already been 4 weeks since Jaina was born. It has gone by so fast, which is amazing because the last month of my pregnancy went by SO slowly.
At 2 weeks she weighed 7 lbs 11 oz, which is 2 oz more than she weighed at birth. Both Xander and Mara were not back up to birth weight at 2 weeks, so this was a surprise for me.
At 4 weeks she weighs 9 lbs 2 oz.  She's gained over a pound and a half in 2 weeks time!! She's well on her way to being chunky like her siblings were :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Pics Of Jaina

I've been trying to take pics of Jaina in the same outfits that Mara wore and this is one of them. (I need to do side by side pics too)
I love this dress!
After church on the 13th we went to Pat's parents house for the evening. It's so fun to see grandparents with new babies.
Roger is such a baby hog. He loves his grandkids so much. Whenever he sees babies he has to be the first one to hold them. But he hates the headbands on the girls and always has to take them off.  But I got this pic before he took this one off.
At a little over 2 weeks old, you can see the resemblance.
I bought this onsie about 2 years ago. I just couldn't pass it up! It says 'Princess in Training' and has the dresses of Cinderella, Aurora, & Belle. Mara thought it was great :)
What color do you think her eyes are???  We can't tell!!  Some times they look blue and sometimes they look brown.  By this age we knew that Xander & Mara's were blue, so I'm thinking that Jaina will be brown.
Whenever I take pics of Jaina, Mara has to be right there and get in on the fun.
On Saturday the 19th, we went down to the cabin with my mom and Karri.  It was a very quick trip but fun nonetheless.  My mom has put the cabin up for sale, so I'm hoping to be able to go alot before it's gone.  I love going there but it's too much of a burden for my mom. I will be very sad when it's gone, but treasure all the memories we've made there.
Later that day, we went to Lana's for my nephew Maddox's bday celebration.  Once again, Grandpa had ahold of Jaina.  I just love how the family flocked around to see her. 
Morri, Roger, Tammy & Gwen
Sunday the 20th was Father's Day.  I made Pat this picture frame and mod podged pics of he and the kids on it, then put a pic of them with Jaina in the middle.  I made the frame before she was born, so all I had to do was get the picture printed and I was done!! And he loved it :)
Brotherly Love

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summerfest 2010

I was able to go to the Summerfest parade on June 12th with the kids and my mom.  We met up with Karri and Lisa & Brent (and kids). It was cold and windy, but fun nonetheless.
Mara and Conli loved that there were floats with princesses on them. They had to wave to all of them!
Mara LOVED the bands too. She was dancing around the whole night.
I like that I can steal pictures from Lisa's blog
(she took more pics than I did)
After the parade and while waiting for the fireworks, the kids had a great time running around this tree. Xander told me that he went around it 200 times! 
I love that Mara's pointing out the fireworks to Karri.  Those kids love their aunt so much. Karri even brought glow sticks so we didn't have to buy the overpriced ones at the parade.  Good job Karri!!!
Jaina did really well and slept through the parade.  When she woke up I was able to nurse her underneath/inside my HUGE sweatshirt (I knew there was a reason to buy it huge), then she slept through the fireworks too.  She's such a good baby :)
We missed daddy at the festivities, hopefully one day he won't have to work nights.


I took these pics on June 7th (10 days old) for Jaina's birth announcement.
I had seen a picture of all the feet on an announcement at the doctors office so I enlisted the help of Karri to get the picture done.  She had to hold Jaina's legs straight so her feet would be together. It was a crazy 5 minutes because Mara wouldn't keep her feet flexed so I had to holler at her a bunch, which was very frustrating, but we got it done in the end.

The First 2 Weeks

I realized that we didn't get a picture of my mom & Jaina when we were in the hospital, so I made sure to get one.
Xander loves to hold her and tells me ALL THE TIME that 'she's so cute'.
He thought it was cool that she had socks like his.  I can't believe the size difference. Xander wears a 2 1/2 and Jaina doesn't fit any shoes at this point.
On the 6th we all went to church and I made sure to get a family pic done. Do I look sleepy???  Pat brought me home after sunday school so I could take a nap, and we took this pic when church was over.
 I love this picture!!
Jaina's cord finally fell off on the 7th, so I was able to give her a REAL bath.  I just love how fuzzy babies hair is when they're brand new.
My sweet baby.


These two are so loving with Jaina. They always want to be near her, hold her hands, kiss her head and hold her. I just hope the love continues when she gets older.
6/2/10 - 5 days old

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jaina Emilie

I don't quite know how to start this post. I probably should have blogged this alot earlier, but I've been too lazy.  Let's backtrack to Wednesday, May 26th, I had an appt that morning (39 weeks) and asked to have my membranes stripped in hopes that it would put me into labor.  I had been having contractions for weeks but nothing regular and I was getting really tired of it and was ready to be done.  So after my appt, the stripping gave me more contractions but still nothing regular. We even walked over to Xander's school (it was field day, and we didn't know what his class was doing, so we walked around the school to find him but had no luck, so we went home) and walked the Mall.  It all just made me really tired and achey. I was retaining so much water that the only shoes I could wear were flip flops, so my feet were hurting.  By the afternoon I decided to call the office and see if I could schedule and inducement for the 28th.  (Pat already had the 29th & 31st off of work so we wanted to make sure the baby came before then.)  I was told that there were already inducements set up for that day and that I would be at the bottom of the list and considered an on-call inducement, which I was totally fine with.
Thursday night the hospital called and told me that I was #5 on the list and to call them Friday morning at 10:00 to see how their morning was going.  So Friday I stepped out of Xander's Graduation for a minute to call the hospital. They said that they still didn't know when I could come in and to call them back at 11:30.  So after graduation, we headed home. The kids played and I just sat on the couch and waited until it was time to call again, almost falling asleep in the process.  I was startled awake by a phone call at 11:00 from the hospital, the nurse said that I was on the schedule for coming in at 12:00 and if I could be there by then. I told her yes, then sent Pat a text telling him that he needed to come home!  Pat dropped me off at 12, took the kids to his sister Lana's home, then got to the hospital before they even had my IV hooked up!
When I got there, they monitored the baby for at least 20 minutes before I got my IV, then I had to have a bag of fluid before I could get my pitocin, so it was about 2:00 before I got the pitocin! By that time Pat and my sister Karri were in the room with me.  Sitting in a hospital bed is so boring, especially when there's nothing good on TV.  Once I got hooked up to the pitocin it seemed like things were really going.  My mom got there around 2:30 and then it was just a waiting game. I chose to wait it out before my epidural to see how far I could go.  It was really nice, because I was able to get up and walk around a bit. My nurse Jen was AWESOME (she is the mother to one of Pat's co-workers), she helped us with ideas of how Pat could help me get through contractions, it was great! Jen was hoping that I would be able to have the baby by 6:00, because that is when her shift ended :) (that would have been nice because Karri had to leave at 6 also) After a few hours and not much progression I was getting tired and decided that it was time to get my epidural. I knew that my midwife was going to come and break my water soon and that labor would go fast after that. (I went from a 5 to a 10 in an hour & a half with Mara so I knew that this was going to be a quick one too)
I got my epidural about 5:30, then Claudia (my midwife) broke my water around 6:00.  My epidural was nice because I was still able to wiggle my toes but the pain was mostly gone. I could still feel alot of pressure but the epidural took the edge off.  For the next hour I could feel that things were going fast, the pressure was building and I was starting to get the shakes.  My nurse at this point was Melody and she came in at 7:10 to see how I was doing, I told her that I was getting the shakes and she said that I was probably complete, and sure enough I was!! My mom had left to get some dinner for she and Pat a little before this but walked in a few moments after I was checked. She was so flustered, it was cute.
Melody called in Claudia and a nurse for the baby and it ended up being Jen!!!  She was able to stay long and help with the baby now :)  It was such a different experience for me. It happened so fast that I was kind of nervous and scared. While pushing I felt like I was one of the ladies you see on TV that scream during labor.  I didn't scream, but sure felt like I could have. Once I started pushing, Jaina was born within 5 minutes.  It was amazing to finally have her here. Because I had originally thought she was a boy, the first thing I asked was if she was still a girl. I know, I'm crazy.
Once she was all clean, I held her in my arms and cried. It's been such a long trial to have her join our family and I was relieved to finally have her in my arms.  Through it all I am thankful for an amazing husband that loves me forever.
Here are some pics of her first few hours.
 l-r: Claudia, Jen, & Melody.
The kids ended up going to Grandma & Grandpa's for the night, but were able to come visit their new sister first.
Brent & Lisa came a few minutes after she was born.
They would have been there sooner but they went to the wrong hospital!
Grandma Tolman
Mana & Mara
Great Grandma Joan
Aunt Karri was able to come back and see Jaina, but was sad to have missed the birth.
We also had visits from Aunt Lana & cousin Noah and Aunt Liza & Uncle Morri.  I know that I have a picture of her with Grandpa Tolman, but it must be on someone elses camera.
The next morning:
My 3 blessings.
Daddy and his girls.
I was able to come home the next night about 10 pm, which made me happy, because I hated sitting around that hospital room, and especially sleeping there was horrible.

(Ah!! I finally got this post done, and now I'm being summoned)

Monday, June 21, 2010


It's tough to blog when you have a 3 week old that won't stay asleep when she gets put down during the day.  I've got 3+ posts that I'm trying to finish up, so hopefully I can get them done in the next few days. I just hate typing with one hand (like I'm doing with this post).  But we're doing good and are pretty much adjusted to life with a newborn, at least I'd like to think so.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

Playing catch-up is no fun. I hate having tonz of pictures to post, but here we go!
Xander had his Kindergarten Graduation on May 28th. It was first thing in the morning, which was great to get it out of the way.  I can't believe that Kindergarten is over and in a few short but long months, he'll be in First grade!!!  It's so crazy that my oldest is almost 7. It makes me feel old, but hey I'll be 30 next year, so I guess it's okay that he's that old.

Xander's friends: Jarom Beck & Tanner Hanks
We are in the same ward with these boys and were able to carpool with them this year.

(one of my last pregnancy pictures)

Xander & Miss Watanabe.
She was such a great teacher and I'm glad that he was able to be in her class this year.

Xander & Ellis Peterson.
These two are such good friends and loved having play dates.
Graduation was a great way to start an important day :)