Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Camera

My sister Karri bought a new camera (Cannon Digital Rebel) a week or so ago and has been having too much fun with it. It's my dream camera and I'm excited that I'll be able to borrow it. She's been nice enough to let me copy all the pics she's taken too.
So here are my favorites.
My mom has a wall with pictures of the grandkids and they are WAY out of date, so here are some new ones for it :)
I love the way they turned out. Good job Karri!

Hogle Zoo

Last Wednesday, August 18th, we took the kids up to Hogle Zoo for a last family outing before schools starts. After a very long and frustrating detour because of an accident on I-215, we arrived at the Zoo and went straight to the train!!
Here's our attempted family picture before the train got going.
Pat & Xander got close to some animals.
We were able to see Baby Zuri, the 1 year old Elephant.
The kids got to ride on the Carousel.
And saw a big Ostrich!
Xander's favorite: A Snake!
And this animal is called a Mara or Patagonian Cavy. Our Mara wasn't very happy that this animal had the same name as her :)
We saw alot more animals, but didn't take many pictures of them.
It was a not-so-quick trip to the Zoo, but we were lucky and left right before the rain started. Afterwards we went to the family favorite Red Robin for some lunch, then visited with Grandma Ethel before she left Utah.
It was a very fun day to be together as a family :)

I've Got A Lot Of Bloggin To Do

On August 4th while Grandma Ethel Poulton was in town we were able to go out to lunch, just the girls. It was alot of fun and it makes me very grateful that we live so close to family and that we're able to spend so much time together.
Liza, Me, Grandma, Tammy, Ashley, Lana, & Gwen

Jaina has really started to smile alot, it makes me happy :)

My good friend Susan recently had a baby and I was lucky that there was actually something that she needed, seeing as this was her 3rd baby. I got to make a car seat cover for her!!  I copied the pattern of the one that my friend Andrea made me, and it turned out WAY CUTE!!!  I LOVE IT!!

I've also been wanting to organize the drawer that holds all the girls hair stuff for awhile, but just couldn't decide what I wanted to do until now!

I bought a 16x20 frame for 10 bucks. Used paint, varnish, batting, fabric, and ribbon that I already had!!  It was a quick project (once I found time to make it). I've also bought some white hooks to put on the bottom, so I can hang headbands, but that hasn't been done yet. But at least it's hung up in the bathroom!!!

And no post would be complete without a picture of my 3 sweeties!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cabin Weekend

We were able to take Pat's brother Morri & his family down to our cabin the last weekend of July. It was so nice to spend almost 3 full days there. Since it's up for sale, we're trying to go down as much as possible, which sadly isn't very often. But we had a great time with family!

We stopped off at T-Cee's for lunch before going up the canyon to the cabin.
Here's Mara and Addi waiting for our food.
Xander, Alex, and Carter
Pat & I
Morri & Liza
Once we got there the boys set up some targets and practiced with Pat's blow dart gun. Xander did awesome and got a bulls eye!!!!
Morri bought some BB Guns and they set up pop cans as targets. Xander did pretty good with these too! But I just can't believe that my little boy is old enough to shoot a gun. (it's not going to happen again for a long time)
The first night we took a walk/hike up and down the road, so I made sure to bring the baby carrier to make it easier for me. Jaina liked it so much that she fell asleep in it!
All the kids at the top of the road. We didn't find many bugs, but they liked having the nets.
What silly boys!
Addi, Liza, Carter, Alex, & Morri.
Our little clan.
We made sure to get a group pic on the deck of the cabin.
Saturday was full of hanging out, watching movies, playing games and eating. We got ready to go swimming but there was a huge thunderstorm that rolled in so the pool closed. But we had a fun day anyway.
On Sunday the boys, plus Liza, took a long hike and found this pretty view!
After they came back we were able to go swimming (I didn't get any pictures of that), then had a big dinner before heading home. 
About 20 minutes after getting in the car, this is what was found in the backseat.
It was a great trip filled with late nights and lazy mornings!
Thanks again Morri & Liza for coming with us, we loved it!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I've been needing to take my kids to the dentist for awhile now, but have put it off for a long time. But since Xander lost his tooth, I've felt like now would be a good time to go.
I found a great dentist that's very very close and was able to make appointments for last Thursday. I thought that the kids would be nervous about going, but they did great!!!  When the nurse came to get Xander, Mara wanted to follow him. She was kind of bummed that she had to wait for her turn, but they called her back within 5 mintues.  Their rooms were in opposite corners, so I did alot of running back and forth.
They both did an amazing job and were happy the whole time!  Mara was way excited because she got a new toothbrush with Ariel on it!  I just hope this is the beginning of a good relationship with the dentist :)