Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Is Coming

I can't believe how fast Christmas is coming. It's time to leave the house, go shopping with, it seems like, everyone in the world. Sometimes I just want to give up and never leave home because of the frustrations that come with holiday shopping.  But I have a way to get something done with one less trip out into the cold.
Shutterfly has awesome holiday gift ideas that you can order from the convience of your nice warm home :)

Some of my favorite things on Shutterfly:

 Holiday Cards  They have a ton of different choices, and all you have to do is plug in a photo and you're on your way!!  It's super easy and they are way cute!!

Photo Calendars  There are different types that you can choose from. One to hang on the wall, sit on a desk or table or even an at-a-glance calendar poster!!

Photo Books   They make it really easy to make the books with your favorite photos. Just for those special occasions. Pic of the kids for grandparents, new baby, family vacation or just your everyday happenings.

Bloggers can get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up here: : This is the perfect way to start Holiday Savings! Hope this helps with your Holiday Gift List!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Rest of Last Week

Mara started the Itty Bitty Bruin Preschool at Mountain View on the 27th.
She was so excited and loves going!

Jaina has started to really grab things and she's discovered the toys on the walker. I wish I took video of this because she was making the funniest noises trying to get this dolphin in her mouth :)

I've been doing more sewing!!!  It's always fun to get my machine out and make new things.
Mara had a cute purple bag that I bought at Target in their Dollar Spot. So of course it was very cheaply made. She was using it as a scripture bag for church and it started falling apart, so I took a seam ripper to it and used it as a pattern for a new bag.   So we went on a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby and she picked out her own fabric and here is the finished product:
I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I almost want to make one for me too!

I also bought a new pattern that makes 3 different dresses and a shirt in sizes 6-12 months to 8 years. (It's a Portobellopixie pattern named Claire) I totally LOVE it and made matching dresses for my girls. It was a really easy pattern to follow and I even made 2 for Jaina (6-12 & 12-18).  I already have my eye on some fabric at Hobby Lobby for more dresses!
I was also able to use my new serger for the first time while making the dresses. I love it!!

Xander lost his first tooth a few months ago. The second one has been loose since then, but the adult tooth came up behind it before it came out. So we've been wiggling it a bunch in hopes that it would come out.  Well on Sunday, the 31st, I wiggled it a little too hard and it sort of popped, but didn't come out. This was in the morning, and by the time he went to bed that night he let Pat really pull it!
I'm so relieved that it's finally out, it's been driving me crazy!
His adult tooth has already come forward fast and he looks great!!!

And the last fun thing of last week:
Jaina had discovered her feet and loves to hold them!!  Now if we can only get her to roll from her back to belly.   She's become very fast at getting to her back when you put her on her tummy. She'll become more mobile little by little :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Time

Look at my cute little fairy!!!
  Last Monday, the 25th, Xander had a Halloween program at his school. They sang songs and performed a poem/story, Xander even got to be a narrator!  I recorded the whole thing, so this is one of the only pictures I have (my sis took it).
After his program we came home for the
4th Annual Ramey Family Halloween Party.

Here's Pat and his Princess Leia.
 Tinker Bell
 Our clan!!  Tink, Dragonoid Bakugan, and Leia!
 The kids! Conli & Sawyer didn't want to wear their costumes so they put on some dress up clothes.
Commander Cody, Tink, Tiana, Dragonoid, Leia & Tiana!
 Karri made these yummy cupcakes and put spiders on the top :)
 There was pin the nose on the pumpkin!

The party was alot of fun, as always!

On Friday the 29th, the kids wore their costumes to school and had a parade where the parents could come and watch!  It was fun to see all the different costumes. My favorite was a boy dressed as a blue lego!
 On Saturday the 30th, we ventured out to FYE to see Uncle JD.  Aunt Karri came along with us too.
I love JD's shirt!  Underneath the Trick or Treat it has a glow in the dark Smell My Feet!!
 Then we went to visit Grandma Joan :)
 Then it was time for the REAL Trick or Treating!  Too bad it was a downpour!  We all had umbrellas and only went to a few houses on our street before we were too wet.
Even Jaina came out with us.
 The we headed on over to Grandma & Grandpa Tolman's house for dinner and more trick or treating.
Pat, his brother Morri, & sister Lana took the kids out 3 times that night!  They loved every minute of it.  At least by that time the rain had stopped :)
It was a great Halloween!! 
Now I just need to stop eating all the candy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Little Wookie

I LOVE Jaina's "I Speak Wookie" shirt, and I finally got her on video making her 'wookie' sound.