Thursday, February 10, 2011

January Happenings

To start out, I got a new iPod Touch for Christmas and it has a camera!!!  It's great for those moments that I can't reach the real camera, because I have my iPod in my pocket. 

Here is a pic from December:
Mara needed Jaina to wear the TinkerBell wings that came with her costume. I just love the proportion on her. They are the perfect size for her little body :)

Here's another iPod pic.  Mara HAD to go outside and make snow angels!  She just loves being outside not matter the weather.

My mom with the 2 babies, Finley & Jaina.
Mine & Lisa's kids are all at least a year apart from each other, except these two.  It's kind of fun to have them so close in age (6 1/2 months apart)

Jaina has decided that she likes being on the floor, but only as long as someone is there with her or she has fun toys.  She rolls really well, but doesn't scoot or crawl yet. Or at least  she didn't when this pic was taken :)

Jaina got her first tooth on New Years Day!!  It was a big surprise to me because it came in earlier than Xan & Mara's did.  Her second one popped through a few weeks later.  She just looks so cute with teeth!

We (Mara & Karri) decided to try out the sponge rollers overnight so Mara could have fun hair for church the next morning!

This is a pic from right after I took them out. It looked so great, but by the time we made it to church an hour later it was already pretty flat :(  She just has thick hair like me so it's heavy!

Mara just LOVES the story of Peter Pan and can't get enough of it! She watches Disney's Peter Pan, Hook, a live action Peter Pan, Mary Martin's Peter Pan, and all the TinkerBell movies.
My brother JD told us that BYU was performing Peter Pan the musical so we knew we had to go!  So on the night of the 25th we (me, Xander & Mara) went to see it with my mom, Karri, JD, Chris and a bunch of my aunts and a few cousins. 
It was their first experience seeing a play and they did great!  It started at 7:30, so the kids were worn out by the end but it was so fun.  Mara was sitting on my lap when Peter asked us all to clap to show that we believed in fairies to save TinkerBell.  She clapped so hard and was so happy that we saved her!  Then she turned to me and said "Mom, I knew fairies were real!"
I just love her!!!!

And we can't have a month go by without a sewing project.
I made a reversible apron for my sis-in-law Lana for her birthday.  It was my first apron and it turned out perfect :)

I just love making flowers :)

Happy January!!!
Now let's see if I can stay current :)

And for the most important thing that happened in January, Pat finally got a teaching job!!!!  It happened really fast and he started on February 1st!  He's teaching at East Shore High School and is liking it so far.  It's an alternative school where the kids come to make-up credits or to do extra credits, so it's a really different experience.
I just know that we are so blessed by our Heavenly Father. I know that he's watching out for us and has a plan for our little family. We're just so excited that we're able to take this next step in our lives. :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Christmas Extravaganza

Warning: This post is extra long with tonz of pictures
(just the way Lisa likes 'em!)

Christmas Eve we spent with Pat's family. We did a progressive dinner, and at each house we talked about different things about the holidays.  It was such an amazing night with awesome food and wonderful family.  I didn't take many pics but here is Jaina with her Uncle Morri.

Before the evening was over we got a quick family pic.
(Thanks Lana)

And a pic of all the Utah grandkids. 
We sure miss you Boise Tolmans!!!

We then headed home where there were Christmas Eve presents from Aunt Karri that were waiting to be opened.
A new nightgown for Mara.

Agent P pj's for Xander

Jaina with her first present!!!!  Cute pink jammies :)

Mara got a 'pillow pet' from Grandma Tolman

I bought a cute Christmas outfit for Jaina and had to get a pic of it.

Jaina and her Christmas Eve jammies!

Traditional pics with Christmas Stockings:

I love the smiles on thier faces. Just so excited for Christmas!!!!

Christmas Morning!!!!

Jaina with her Cabbage Patch Kid from Santa

Mara with her Tinkerbell Playset from Santa

Xander and his Draganoid Colossus Bakugan from Santa

Cute kids!  Xander just loves Jaina so much!

Jaina and the tree

All the kids with the tree.

We gave Xander the newest Magic Treehouse book, he was so excited!!

We gave Mara her own Camera!!!!

We gave the kids the game Guess Who? extra. 
I loved this game as a kid!

Mara got the new Tangled game for the Leapster.

Xander wanted the Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash!

I made this Tag Blankie for Jaina and she loves it!

Jaina got this way cute Seahorse from Grandma & Grandpa that plays music for 5 minutes to help her fall asleep. It's so cute and she loves it!!!

A nice family picture :)

Mara got this cute outfit from Grandma & Grandpa. The skirt is her favorite!

Then the rest of my family came over for presents!!

Jaina got a 'fishtank' that plays music that helps her fall asleep too.  You would think that she has a hard time sleeping!   But these cute toys have helped her a TON!!

Xander got a new zip up hoodie from Mana and loves it!!

Mara got another nightgown from Karri and a Rapunzel doll from Mana.

Xan just loved his Nerf Guns from Max :)

And his shoebox full of Magic Treehouse books from Karri!!!  He now has almost the whole collection!! Over 40 books!!

Karri caught a great moment when Mara opened up her Strawberry Shortcake movie from JD & Chris. She was so happy that she almost cried!

Pat got an awesome Star Wars book from my mom. It catalogues what happened each year since the first movie was made. 

All the girls got these and were so happy!!

And traditionally we did the 'Where are all the kids??'
Can you find Jaina??

This is the best picture!!  They just love throwing the paper in the air!

And by surprise Brent & Lisa were able to bring baby Finley home from the hospital and we each were able to have a turn holding her!!!  She's just the smallest thing ever!

Even Jaina got in on the holding action :)

Just to show how small she is, here she is with her mommy.

And a cute family picture of the whole Ramey clan.

And then Mana with all 7 grandkids :)

It was a great Christmas and I'm just glad it's over.