Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Merry Month Of May

Life just seems to be going so fast and I forget to sit down and blog about it. So here's to the month of May!!!

It was a rare moment when Pat had all 3 kids sitting on him, so I had to capture it!

We'd noticed that Xander was struggling a bit with seeing distances, so we took him to the Dr. and sure enough, he needed glasses!!!! And it only took a few days for them to arrive.  He did a great job at the appointment and was disappointed that we weren't able to take the glasses home with us that moment. He loves his glasses and was saying that when he put them on it was like everything was in 3D!!!

Jaina discovered how to climb onto the dishwasher to 'help' me.

She also had her first experience with an ice cube, and loved it!!

Just a sweet toothy smile :)

She also discovered the cupboard with all the lids.
We have since put rubber bands on the handles to keep her out!

Where's Jaina???


In an effort to get her to walk, we got out Mara's old walking/push toy. But Jaina had a better idea of what to do:  Just 'walk' on her knees instead!

Jaina also loves to leave a wake of chaos wherever she goes!

On May 24th, Mara had her Preschool Graduation from the Itty Bitty Bruin Preschool.
She did such a great job at her program. I can't believe that she'll be in Kindergarten in a few short months!

Mara and her buddy, Miss RyAnn

Another picture, with the balloon arch.

Jaina was so tired that she fell asleep in her high chair.

Little Miss J had her Birthday!!!! 
Grandma Tolman had dropped off her gift while she was napping. Mara was super excited to see Jaina open her gift so we had to do it the moment Jaina woke up.  She loved the bag :)

And the blocks, clothes, and books.
Thank You Grandma & Grandpa Tolman!!

A picture on her 1st birthday.
May 28th, 2011

On Sunday the 29th, we headed to the cemetery to put flowers on my dad and grandpa's graves for Memorial Day.
Here's my dad's

And Grandpa's

Jaina didn't like the grass too much and was trying to keep her legs in the air!
What a funny girl!

Xander & Mara with the flag representing my Grandpa. 

Back at the house we began to celebrate Jaina's birthday.
Karri made this way cute cake for her, complete with her very own smashing cake :)

We even got out the big kid car seat.  I was amazed that she was able to stay in her infant seat for so long. Both Xan & Mara were too heavy for the other one by 6 months, so we had to upgrade sooner. Jaina really likes this seat and so do I. She just has to stay backwards for another year because of new regulations.

She did a great job opening her presents. 

Her very first purse from Mom & Dad. 

Money from Grandma Joan, along with the outfit she was wearing. 

Her first Princess Doll from Karri. 

She was LOVING the box, like most babies do. 

She especially loves to sit on things too.

'Using' her lipstick from her purse :) 

Me and my baby girl.  I can't believe it's already been a year.  I wish time wouldn't go by so fast. 

Blowing out the candle.

Diggin' In!!!
She really liked the frosting at first, then all of a sudden, she would just lean over and bite it!

It was a great month!!