Friday, August 5, 2011

Most of June

I love looking through pictures and realizing how random most of them are.
Like this one:
Mara likes to play with her pretzels before she eats them. 
Here is Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder :)

After a long afternoon of looking at houses, Jaina fell asleep in her new car seat. It was just too cute not to take pictures of. 

Xander's last day of School was June 3rd.  The girls and I went to pick him up so we could get pictures of him with his friends. 
Xander & Ellis Peterson

Xander & his teacher Mrs. Brock 

Xander & Tanner Hanks

Xan & Weston Schauers 

It's been a great school year and we love Bonneville :) 

On June 10th, our little family went for an overnighter to the cabin.  On the way Xander & Jaina both fell asleep.  Pat & I were laughing because Jaina had her foot in Xander's face and neither of them cared one bit. 

We stopped off at T-Cee's for dinner :) 

That was all the pics I got that trip :(

June 11th was the Orem Summerfest!!  We were super excited because Pat was able to be with us the whole time.  In the past he's had to work on weekend nights and only been able to see fireworks or not even that, but now that he's a teacher, he's with us nights and weekends :) 

Xander caught a shirt from one of the floats. He was super excited because it was Mt. Dew. Only because Pat loves Mt. Dew. 

Mara & Sawyer hanging at the carnival waiting for fireworks. 

June 19th:
Jaina was trying so hard to help Finley sit up.  Finley is 6 months in this picture and already looks like she'll be bigger than Jaina in no time.
They are going to be best friends when they're older :) 

The rest of June to come.