Thursday, September 15, 2011

Poulton Family Reunion

Wow! I really am behind in blogging.  Here's what happened at the end of June.

We had an awesome Family Reunion with Pat's mom's family.
To kick it off, some of us were able to go to the temple with Grandma Ethel. It was such a great experience to be inside an amazing place with the people that we love.

The first thing the next day:
We had Family Pictures!!!
Here's my little clan

Xander: 7 years old

Mara: 5 years old

Jaina: 1 year old

This is all 16 Tolman Grandkids :)

The Whole Tolman Clan with Grandma Ethel

Then the entire Poulton Clan
We had everyone in the family there (except 1 that is on a mission).
Over 60 people! It was great!

All the Great-Grandkids with Grandma Ethel

And the reason we got together:
Ethel Poulton
She is such an amazing woman and we love her so much.
We're so lucky that she comes to visit every year

Here are some random pics from the weekend.
Liza just loves Jaina and has to squeeze her every chance she gets.

Grandma Ethel with Xander.
This is a good example of how short Grandma is and how tall Xander is. 

Before the family pics I got a sweet one of my oldest 2. 

Kids with Grandma & Grandpa Tolman 

Daddy and Jaina. 

After the pictures we went to a park for fun water games and lunch.  We were playing for a few hours and almost everyone was drenched.  Mara and Xander had a great time on the water slide :) 

My mother in law, Tammy, showing off her mad skills with a hula hoop! 

Mara was having a great time. 

Jaina was walking along the benches watching everyone play.
And as always, on her tip toes. 

The next day we went to Cowabunga Bay in Draper.
It was so super fun!!! I can't wait to go back :) 

This was Jaina's first time in a pool, so we had to get her all ready. 

Mara watching people on the slides.

We stopped for a lunch of all you can eat Pizza and Drinks. 

And an ice cream cone with red sprinkles.
They called it 'sunburn'!!! 

Jaina loved the ice cream too! 

What a busy day :) 

I didn't take many pictures, but we had a great time catching up with family we hadn't see in years.  We're so grateful for this reunion and all the people that put it together.