Monday, December 31, 2012

January 2012

Not much happened in January besides the kids starting a new school, making new friends, getting used to our new house and new ward.
But I did have a crazy case of eczema from head to toe 2 weeks after we moved. I saw a few doctors, got a cortisone shot, got some great great lotion and just had to wait it out! It was by far the WORST 2 weeks EVER!  I'm so glad it hasn't come back.  They couldn't figure out the cause besides the combination of new house, new water/air, new elevation, stress of moving, dry winter air, etc.
Jaina discovered the fun of sitting in the baby doll stroller. 
Cute girl watching Xander play his DS. 
Mara had her first loose tooth, but the adult tooth came in before the baby one fell out! 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dec 2011 - New Years Eve

After a week of getting our house put together, we were super excited to be able to have our family over to OUR house for New Years Eve 2011.
Maddox, Mara, Addi 
Xander, Noah 
Xander, Cody, Noah, Alex 
Lana, Gwen, Liza, Me, Tammy
Maddox, Addi, Mara 
We had good food, awesome family and made a lot of noise when the ball dropped.
Happy New Year

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dec 2011 - New House

Well, I'm officially a full year behind on this blog :(
It's time for much needed catch-up
Thursday, October 6th, 2011: We walked though THE HOUSE!! 
After looking at over 70 homes in 7 months, offering on 3, we finally found the one that felt perfect!!  It was a short sale and had been on the market for 1 day.  We immediately offered on it that night and were accepted by the owner by Monday!!  The whole process went fairly quick compared to other short sales I'd heard about.  There was a little hiccup around Thanksgiving, but when that got all sorted out, we were in the clear!!  We were able to close/fund/and get keys on Friday, December 23rd!!  It was the BEST Christmas Present EVER!  We cleaned the 23rd and 26th. Then moved in on the 27th!  We had awesome friends and family help out a TON those days.
*most of these first pics were taken during our 2nd walk through.
Kids rooms and bathroom.
I LOVE the Window Seats!
Master Bathroom
Many angles of the main floor/kitchen. 
Backyard/side yards
*needed a TON of work
 View from kitchen looking at dining area and 'hallway' to rooms, also lower family room.
 Front view
12-23-11 Closing Day!!!!! 
First time in OUR house!!  It was freezing cold in and out. 
Jaina looks so tiny in that window seat! 
Karri came down with dinner and to help! 
The kids had a grand time setting up all the little people, trying to keep busy in the empty house. 
12-27-11  Moving day! 
We had been boxing things up slowly for over a month! 
Friends Matt Marshall and Eric Westover helping load the truck. 
The kids room looking quite empty! I'm still amazed they all survived being in the same room together for so long! 
Time to UNLOAD!
I am SO thankful that we had a dry winter so we didn't have to deal with the snow while moving. 
Getting the girls room set up. 
Mara was super excited to have a princess canopy for her bed.
Jaina took over the stairs immediately! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

December 2011 - Christmas Party/Eve/Day

Annual Hillam Family Christmas Party:
Karri & Jaina
Sawyer & Mara as angels for the Nativity 
Santa Gifts:
Mara - Barbie in a Mermaid Tale and Ariel clothes for her doll. 
Xander: Diary of a Wimpy Kid books 
Jaina: Musical Picnic Basket 
Crazy kids playing in empty boxes! 
Her shirt says: Best Present Ever 
Most of the Tolman grandkids at Grandma & Grandpa's house. 
Christmas Eve at Sizzler with the Ramey Clan.
Mara & Conli just LOVE each other. 
And are quite crazy too. 
Jaina had a meal of ketchup and ice cream!
That's how we roll! 
Finley, Lisa and Jaina: Getting ready for Eve activities. 
The only way I could get a picture of her with the stockings was to have Daddy sit with her. 
Xander & Max with new Christmas jammies from aunt Karri!!! 
New nightgown! 
Sweet girls! 
She didn't like her nightgown too much :( 
All the Ramey grandkids with new jammies! 
Mara got a Strawberry Shortcake car set
from G&G Tolman. 
 Christmas Tree
What Santa brought for the kids. 
Lego Ninjago Fire Temple 
Cinderella Barbie Carriage 
Laugh and Learn Playhouse 
More Barbie movies!!! 
HexBugs Habitat 
Mara made a handprint at school.
It matches Xanders! 
Star Wars Lunch box with sandwich cutters! 
Chistmas was on a Sunday and it was nice to be able to go to church on such an important day!
Mana and ALL her grandkids before church. 
After church = more presents! 
Mana got a Barbie Dream Townhouse for the girls to play with at her house! 
Yay! A scooter!!! 
DS Games!! 
More HexBugs! 
Where are all the kids??? 
JD checking out Xander's new game! 
It was a great Christmas!
But December's not over yet!