Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Yellowstone Pictures

The last post was mainly pictures from my camera. Now here are pictures from my sister!  She was with the kids A LOT and got some pretty cute pics.

Mara & Conli were inseparable

They spent most of the time coloring in these AMAZING binders that Karri made for all 4 of them. With tons of coloring pages, crayons and colored pencils.  She's such an awesome aunt. 

Xander & Max, always the funny ones. 

Mana and the boys. 

A traditional family picture! 

I can't believe how adorable this little one is!  
She looks so blonde!!! 

Brent & kids on fishing bridge. 

It wouldn't be Yellowstone without a little rain during lunch.
These girls were so cute and ate their lunch under a giant umbrella. 

More at Artist Point.

Karri & kids. 

My love and I 

Xander's first time fishing = no bites :( 

Me & my little one.  She spent most of the trip in the stroller which was great for me, but she didn't like it too much.  She wasn't walking yet so she would have been a dirty mess if she got out. 

My mom bought the boys matching shirts and hats! They loved them!!!

While in the park, kids can become Junior Rangers by completing a few learning pages then attending a class put on my a real Ranger.  Karri was so great and helped them all complete their pages and went to the class with them.  Here they are, waiting for the class to begin. 

Measuring their arms against the wingspan of a crow!! 

Taking the Junior Ranger oath. 

Our little group right after Grand erupted. 

Which is better??? Pringles or Cheetos???

I love these pictures.  Such great moments to capture when babies just want the camera so badly! 

Pat was itching to get in the river and splash around a bit.  Too bad we picked the wrong place to do it.  There were tons of Mosquitoes around and we all got bit at least 10 times :( 

The kids in their matching attire. 

Karri & I even got in on the matching and bought shirts and hats too! 

Karri and the kids with their Junior Ranger badges :) 

This was such a fun trip! I'm so glad we did it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

August - Yellowstone

In August we took a family vacation with my mom, Karri, Brent and 2 of his kids, Max & Conli.
It was a great trip and we had a really fun time!!!

On the way to the park, we stopped at a waterfall that we had never been to before, and for the life of me I can't think of the name of it. But it was very pretty!!
Mara was super excited about the rainbow. 

We stopped in West Yellowstone and ate at the BearTooth Barbecue! 
They have amazing loaded cheese fries.

Here are my cuties getting their feet wet for the first time in Yellowstone. 

Had to document Jaina in the river too :) 

First geyser: Castle!

We saw it as the sun was going down so the light was gorgeous!
Jaina was 'wowed' by it! 

Geyser #2: OLD FAITHFUL 

Pat doing his thing: climbing 

Pat went with the kids on a nature walk. 

Artist Point:

On the shore of Yellowstone Lake

Geyser #3: GRAND!!!
This one is my favorite!
We ended up only waiting for about 45 minutes to see it.  Karri had all the kids with her and they walked up right as it erupted!  It was perfect timing :)

My cutie pie asleep in the stroller.   

This is how she was most of the trip:
She wasn't walking yet, so it was okay :) 

Conli & Mara in their matching hats 

We borrowed a baby backpack from a friend and Jaina really liked it :) 

Jaina enjoying an ice cream cone. 

I love how she fell asleep holding her sippy cup. 

What cute kids!

Pat & Xander took the little hike down to the brink of the falls. While down there it started to hail. They both loved it! 

And what's Yellowstone without a 'stink pot' 

Dragon's mouth!
It totally made sounds like a dragon 

The kids found a fort by our cabins and loved to play by it. 

I know I have more pictures to post from the trip, guess it'll have to be another post.