Wednesday, May 2, 2012

November 2011

Xander & Mara on the day of their Primary Program
(end of October)

Xander turned 8 in October and chose to be baptized a member of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on November 5th. 

Family Picture before the main event. 

My newly baptized little boy!!  It was such a great day filled with the spirit! I'm so proud of him for making this choice and pray that he can always be close and depend on the Holy Ghost.

We are so lucky to have such an amazing family to come a support us on Xander's special day. 

 We had a really dry winter, but in the middle of Nov, we had a fair amount of snow and let Jaina experience it for a bit.  Her hands were pretty cold when we went inside (she wouldn't wear her gloves), so she cried for a bit because she didn't want to move them.  It was pretty funny.

A sweet pic of Mara and her Uncle JD. 

There was a house built in Herriman to look like the house from the Pixar Movie UP! Over fall break we were able to take a tour through it!  It was amazing, and the kids really loved it. 

There was a park across the street that Jaina LOVED. And I love that X & M want to help her down the slide all the time.  They're such great older siblings. 

Dad thought it was funny to give Xan a mohawk. It didn't last long with his thick heavy hair.

Me and my little one on Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Halloween 2011

I know I keep saying it, but ONE of these day's I'll get caught up on my blog!
Here's the 6th Annual Ramey Family Halloween Party

I actually WANTED to dress up this year.
Here's my sad attempt at being JEM!

Xander = JEDI! 

Mara = Ariel

Jaina = Minnie Mouse

She didn't like the bow in her hair :(

Pat even dressed up!!!!
Magnum P.I.

I made this ADORABLE Merriweather costume for my niece Finley. 

Too bad we didn't have a Flora & Fauna to go with her.


My mom ALWAYS has fun crafts for the kids to make at the party. 

Max = Harry Potter, Conli = Alice, Sawyer = Jessie, Mara = Ariel, Xander = Jedi 

On the actual Trick or Treat day, we visited Mana at work. 

My nephew Carter was an Aircraft Carrier!!! 

I decided to go without the wig for trick or treating, but LOVED (not really) the mustache that my hubby was sporting! 

Tolman Grandkids 

Family picture at the end of the night! 

Fun was had by all!