Friday, November 8, 2013

May 2013

I love getting pictures of the kids sleeping.
Jaina had our wedding picture (it had been in a magnet on the fridge) and she was looking at it and fell asleep with it in her hand.
Before work one morning the girls came up to our room with a book and Dad was able to read it to them before he left.  I love these sweet moments. 
While outside doing yard work with dad, Jaina found a worm and was VERY interested in it 
Mara was nervous to hold it, so I had to bribe her with a quarter to get her to hold it. 
Jaina is starting to finally look at the camera and WANT her picture taken, so we were playing around a little bit one day. 
We had a wall with just the middle saying hung on it. After staring at it for a year, I finally got out some old frames, filled them, and hung them.  Now I LOVE our entryway. 
Xander had his end of the year program so I was able to get a picture of him with Mrs. Greene.
Mara had been complaining about not being able to see at school, so we got her eyes checked and sure enough, GLASSES!!  She just needs them for reading and school at this point. 
Mara had her end of year program.
Here she is with Miss Stokes. 
Mara, Emma Macdonald, and Ashley White.
Mara just loves these girls and they are even in our ward, so she's able to see them all the time. 
We celebrated Jaina's 3rd Birthday at Mana's house.
Karri made her a cake with Doc McStuffins on it.
Doc is a show on Disney Junior about a little girl that is a doctor for toys and stuffed animals.
Jaina is obsessed with this show right now. 
She got her own Doctor's bag so she could be like Doc. 
We got to celebrate birthdays with Grandma Joan (84) 
When we got home she wanted to play doctor with Xander.  It was so sweet!
She even knew how to use each tool!!! 
We went to Grandma & Grandpa Tolmans for a present too! 
A new dress!! 
And a new pony!! 
During a shopping trip to the mall, we stopped into the Build A Bear Workshop and got some glasses for Zuma too. 
On Jaina's actual birthday, she got a new Barbie and a few more princesses for her castle from us.
Along with her own Build A Bear Pony of Rainbow Dash. 
Happy Birthday little one!! 
You won't be the baby for much longer. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

April 2013

At the beginning of April, over Spring Break, Pat went to Washington, DC for a trip through work. So that left the rest of us home all week, and because I was newly pregnant and exhausted, we didn't do much. But we did go swimming with Karri, Lisa and the kids. But I can't find those pictures anywhere :(
Here is a picture that we sent to Dad to say that we missed him. 
We went out for Ice Cream Cones too. 
A rare moment: When Xander is actually happy about Jaina being in his room. At least this time she was 'playing' video games with him. 
I had my first doctors appointment on April 8th
(about 8 weeks along) 
April 11th: Mara turned 7!!!!
Grandma & Grandpa Tolman came down to the house with her present. 
It was a new jewelry/music box!!! 
Then she opened our presents. 
I made her a new blanket for her bed, and had vintage Little Mermaid sheets to go with it. 
We went to Nickel Mania (which seems to be the kids favorite place to go) with Addi for Mara's birthday. 
Mara with her new bedding!  Her blanket is reversible with Cinderella on the back. 
She was SO excited to get a BIG Lego Friends set and happy to put it together by herself. 
The next Sunday we celebrated birthdays at Mana's. 
She got Barbie and the Pink Shoes from JD & Chris.
New Build-a-bear clothes from Karri. Along with a Build a Bear Pinkie Pie My Little Pony that they made together. 
Got to celebrate with Sawyer and Mana!! 
Her new outfit from Mana. 
Mara and Pinkie Pie. 
I'm glad that she keeps her animals safe too. 
A fun moment when Jaina wanted to snuggle and we were taking fun pictures. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

March 2013

One day while I was straightening my hair, Jaina wanted to copy me. So she ran and found her pretend flat iron and did her hair too!
Xander is always making AMAZING LEGO creations. Here is some sort of ship/plane. I just love his imagination. 
Xander participated in his first Space Derby for Cub Scouts.  His rocket did awesome, and he probably got first place, but they didn't keep score, just had fun.  But it was a fun project for Xander to do with Dad. 
And this happened in March too!!
Due: November 17 
There were times that Jaina would just snuggle up with me and fall asleep. It was really nice, because most of the time, I could take a little snooze with her too. 
My cute Mara! I just love her happiness. 
On the way to school one morning, Mara fell off her scooter and hit her head on the pavement. It was right in front of the school and they were able to patch her up and call me. She was such a trooper. Even though she wanted to come home, she was able to stay at school and still have a great day. 
This year Easter was in March.
We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt at Mana's house. 
The kids ALWAYS get spoiled!  They got candy, money, pins, and more! 
Easter morning, we hid the kids baskets and they had a great time trying to find them. 
Xander was so excited about the Skylanders figure that we got him that it put him to tears. 
Jaina and her basket of goodies. Legos, bubble bath, Strawberry Shortcake movie.
Mara: Legos, colored pencils, vinylmations, and nail polish! 
Jaina just LOVED getting her own Legos :) 
Xander and his new Skylanders figure. 
Pre-church picture.