Monday, January 14, 2013

October 2012 Pt 1

This is definitely been the year of losing teeth for Mara
Here's tooth #4 (10-1-12)

And tooth #5 (10-5-12)
This one almost popped out at school. It only took me 1 pull to get it out.

We spent a night at the cabin 
(same day as Mara's lost tooth, so the tooth fairy came to the cabin!)
We love spending time there!!
Me and my girls :)

Kids all camped out watching movies.

The next morning, just hanging out. 

There were a TON of leaves so we decided to have some fun. 
It started out with MY kind of fun: pictures :)

I'm so glad I remembered to take a pic of the kids on this tree stump.
The left side is 2010 and right 2012. Same place, 2 years later.
It's so crazy how kids grow so fast

Then it was time for kids fun! 

Last time of 2012 at Ramey R&R.

Xander is ALWAYS building Lego creations, this time it was some sort of gun that fit over his arm! It's really hard to tell from this pic.

Mara put together a Mary Poppins Potato Head :)

Mara was a spotlight at school. 
She colored and wrote it all by herself!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

September 2012

Labor Day weekend we went down to the cabin with Mana!  I had Karri's nice DSLR camera so we had some fun with pictures.

Xander: almost 9 years old 

Mara: 6 years old

Jaina: 2 years old

We went for a walk to try and catch some bugs. 

Time to snap some family pictures. 

We LOVE the cabin! 

Jaina loves to go outside and ride her bike, but has to wear Mara's helmet when doing it!
She will not accept any help to get it on, hence the fact that it's backwards.

School fair, was supposed to be outside, but there was a horrible rain storm, so it was moved into the school.  Mara's favorite things: face painting and cotton candy!

Jaina is always emptying out totes and buckets to play with. This time she made a bed for Minnie.

School Picture Day
I always try to take a quick picture before they leave for school because you never know how the 'official' pictures are going to turn out.

Jaina had to say cheese too!

Mara had a very loose tooth the whole week and Pat kept trying and trying to pull it every night, but it took quite a few days to finally come out.  It was even loose for Mara's school picture (it's totally crooked in the pic)
Mara gets so nervous and worked up when it's time to pull teeth, and after all the trying with this one she was in tears.  So we decided to say a prayer to make her feel better. While I was saying it she whispered into my ear that she didn't want it to hurt when it was pulled. It was so sweet. Once the prayer was done, dad took one more try to get the tooth out and it just popped out, with no pain!!  It was definitely a tender mercy for Mara and a testimony builder that Heavenly Father listens to and answers prayers.
Tooth #3

Xander broke his glasses after having them for a little over a year. I was trying to get a copy of his prescription to just get a new pair locally, but decided to just get a new eye exam for him, and one for Mara too.  I'm glad that I did, because his prescription changed a lot! So he was able to pick out new frames too!! 

For the mid season finale of Doctor Who I found these cut out masks of Weeping Angels for the kids. We had a lot of fun with them during the episode. We will miss Amy and Rory. I loved their ending! 
Such a great episode: The Angels Take Manhattan.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

August 2012

We were invited to go with some family to The Provo Beach Resort when they were having an animal show. It was really fun. At the end they let the audience come up and touch this giant snake.  Both Mara & Xander did it!  
Here's Xander with his cousin Cody.

A random summer morning we awoke to an odd sound in the kitchen. Xander had found the plastic cups and decided to make a tower for Turtwig!  At times like this I love having a multi-level home to be able to get the best angle for pictures like this!

We decided to go on a drive and have a picnic dinner. The drive was longer than we thought it would be to find a picnic area, but we were able to see a deer and play 'pooh sticks' in the river. 

Jaina was pretending to be asleep with Mara's things. 

Cousins Alex and Noah came over to play. 
Jaina just LOVES Alex!! 

Meet your teacher night at the school.
Mara & Miss Stokes 

August 21st
First day of school 

Xander: 3rd grade, Mrs. Greene 

Mara: 1st Grade, Miss Stokes