Thursday, October 31, 2013

December 2012 part 1

Christmas tree fun!
I borrowed Karri's DSLR camera and had some fun trying to get pictures for our Christmas card.
I had the kids pick their favorite ornaments. 
And some more of my favorites. 
A view of our Christmas room! 
The house with the tree lit up.
Every morning Jaina always asked to turn on the lights of the tree.
She loved seeing it come to life.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

November 2012

November fun!!
I love to document the little things that the kids do. I thought it was so sweet that Jaina lined up her little toys on her blanket. She just loves stuffed animals right now.
Dad got to open his Christmas present EARLY.
Look at all those LEGO's!! 
The First Snowfall of the Winter: Nov 10th.
It was so heavy that we were worried about our tree losing branches.
But the kids were very excited to play in it. 
We (the girls) went to see the play Cinderella at Mountain View with Grandma, Liza and Addi.
We got to meet The Prince and Cinderella afterwards. 
Here's another 'little thing' that I thought was cute. Mara decided to line her floor with as many blankets as she could find. Jaina liked it too. 
Because of the Cinderella play, we were able to go on a Carriage ride with Princess Mulan.
The girls just LOVED IT!!!! 
Got to celebrate JD's birthday. I realized that I don't ever get pictures of me with my siblings.
So we made sure to change that. 
JD sandwich!!! 
These girls just LOVE to dress up. 
My kids love books and like to 'read' together. 
After Thanksgiving we got the Christmas lights on the house for our FIRST Christmas in this house. 
Our 'mantle' with our stockings. 
Xander and one of his LEGO creations. It was a marble game that you would have to tilt to get into the goal.  He has such an imagination!!! 
Jaina is learning how to play the computer, but still needed help from her siblings.
They were all playing a game together. 
Our Christmas tree!!!! 
Some of my favorite ornaments. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 2012 part 2

A few days after our trip it was Xander's 9th Birthday!!
JD & Chris came to the house to give Xan his present: His very own Sonic Screwdriver!!! 
Karri made Xan a cake that looks like a Skylanders Portal of Power! 
Karri gave Xan the new Skylanders Giants game! 
We played some Disney Head Bandz 
Poker Chips from Mana, because he loves to play with the ones at the cabin. 
Skylanders figure from Max. 
Extra chocolate from Karri. 
$10 and cookies from Grandma Joan 
Dino Lego set from Mana 
Blowing the candles. 
Xander made his very own Monorail out of Legos. 
It was pretty awesome! 
10-28: Primary Program
Painting pumpkins 
Doctor Who 
I made Xander's suit coat by cutting down a men's coat. It was a very crazy sewing project, and it doesn't look fantastic, but it worked and he loved it!  I also made his bow tie, cause bow ties are cool! 
Gotta have a pocket for his Sonic! 
Tried to recreate the princess hair from Disneyland. 
Halloween parade at school.
Mid day nap on Halloween. 
Our cute Minnie Mouse.
Went to visit Grandma Joan. 
Then onto Grandma & Grandpa Tolman's house.
Addi & Mara 
Xander & Noah 
Noah, Jaina, Maddox, & Xander 
Going trick or treating with daddy. 
Cody & Noah 
Just the girls!!  Jaina, Addi, Olivia & Mara 
Dancing to the Monster Mash!
Tolman tradition. 
Olivia & Jaina 
Halloween family picture. 
So tired, but there's still more candy to get! 
Last house of the night: HOME. 
Going through their loot and sharing :) 
Happy Halloween!