Saturday, June 14, 2014

July 2013 part 2 Cabin Time

We love going to our cabin during the summer, and we love it even more when we can take family and friends up with us. We had Morri & Liza w/ kids, Gwen w/ boys, and Noah join us this time.
On our hike down the road.

We were able to go swimming, because that's what you do in the summer!
Me and Jaina. One of the few pregnant pictures of me.
Drying off.  Jaina was wanting to be a big girl and copy her sister and cousins. But the next thing I knew, she had taken her swimsuit completely off and was lying on her towel naked!  It was pretty funny but tough to get her dressed again!
After swimming, you run through sprinklers!

Jaina was using a stick that she found as a wand, and was giving me, Liza and Gwen fairy wings.
Instagram collage!
Morri brought his bebe guns and the kids had a great time shooting with them.
The traditional picture on the stairs of the cabin.
There is a nest in the corner, underneath the upper deck. We were watching the birds come to the nest to feed the babies, when the mama bird got spooked and flew away really fast and one of the babies fell out as a result. So in swoops Pat, the bird lover, to the rescue. He was able to put the bird back into the nest and save the day!
What's a cabin trip without T-Cees? 
Gotta love the small town feel!

Friday, June 13, 2014

July 2013 part 1

July started with some great news, on the 1st we found out we were to have our 3rd girl!!
Xander & I really thought that the baby was a boy, so it took a bit for us to get our heads wrapped around the idea of another girl. But needless to say, we got excited for her to come.
On the 4th of July we went over to the lawn in front of the Provo Temple for our annual watching of the Stadium of Fire Fireworks.

This girl just LOVES all these boys and is SO happy when they play with her.
Our nephew Jacob was soon to go out on his mission, so we made sure to have some family time with him. We ate dinner then the boys played Super Smash Bros. 
Jaina got a new dress from Grandma and she LOVED it!
Jaina also had a big month. She finally started potty training. It only took her a few weeks to get it down, even with going to the pool. We are so proud of her!
Got to go to Seven Peaks with more cousins! We love play time with them.
Jaina, Mara, Olivia, Addi, Aubrey & Maddox
The day Jacob went to the MTC we got together as a family for breakfast so we could say our goodbyes.
I love the days when the kids get out the train and work together to make something fun!!!
Grandma Poulton was in town getting her new room at Roger & Tammy's house ready, and as always, she took 'her girls' out for lunch. It was great to have Amber there too!
We live near some very large and cool windmills. So one day on our way home, dad decided to take a detour to see them closer.  It was very cool!

July 15th, we took a hike to The Grotto that is located in Payson Canyon.  It was really easy and fun to be out in nature. I am proud of myself that I was able to do it being 5 months pregnant.

The boys hiked up a little further to the top.

Xander and Mara did swim lessons again this year. They both learned so much and are getting more confident in the water. We were able to take pictures on the last day.
Here's Xander going off the diving board (one of his favorite things)
Mara & Xander ended up being on the diving board at the same time.  Mara is still really reserved and nervous, so she was never able to jump, but did try a few times. I hope that her confidence will grow in the coming years and she'll be able to overcome her fears.
My diving boy
Mara coming off of the waterslide.
Had to sneak a cute pic of Jaina in.
For Karri's birthday we went to get pedicures.
I love being able to have girl time with my mom and sister.

Afterwards, we took Karri to Build-A-Bear so she could get her own animal. It was so fun for the kids to help her pick out her bear, River.
The annual picture of Karri and the nieces & nephews
After Sunday dinner at Mana's, there were water balloon games and fun with the hose.
It's the best thing to do in the summer.
The girls got so wet that they changed into some of Papa's old shirts that Mana still had.
Then to do the 'circle of fireworks'. Jaina didn't like the sound,but she'll get over that soon.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 2013

Ah, Summer!!! (last year)
I think my blogging happens in waves, that can never quite reach the shore. Hopefully someday I'll be better.
We were able to have cousins over to play and these littles were so happy to swing and play with Jaina's water table that they were outside forever.
Our nephew Jacob went to the temple in preparation for his mission. We were lucky enough to be there with him. The Salt Lake Temple is SO beautiful inside and out. 
Last year, Pat was awarded Teacher of the Year at Polaris High School!!!  One of the fun things that he got to do was be in the Summerfest Parade! They were honoring teachers that summer.
Here he is, winding up, to throw us some candy :) 
Here's us hanging at the parade:
Conli, Mara & Sawyer
the 3 Musketeers 
Karri and a tired Jaina 
Me, Lisa & Brent 
Xander & Max
We got the renowned Pass of All Passes last summer that let us go to Trafalga & Seven Peaks (along with other things) all summer long for no additional cost.
So we started out playing some Cosmic Mini Golf!! 
At the end of June, Karri, Pat & I went to the funnest concert!!  It was Weezer, Ben Folds Five & Barenaked Ladies!!!
We had great seats and an amazing time with 2 of our favorite bands EVER!! 
One of my most favorite pictures
Barenaked Ladies 
BNL, BFF, Weezer 
Mara lost yet another tooth!!
She was on a roll!
Got to use our passes and hang out with cousins at Seven Peaks 
Jaina was having a horrible day. After crying for 45 minutes and then me finally figuring out that she was hungry (she wouldn't tell me), going to get food, only to come back to our towels to find her asleep with Karri.  It was a rough day for the 2 of us, but everyone else had a great time.