Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thanksgiving Break - End of November

Xander was being a good big brother and helped put on a movie for Melody, and 
he decided to make a fort for her too. She was so happy to hang out in there with him.

We got out all our Christmas decorations and Melody found the box with the snowman 
kit that Liza made years ago. She loved the carrot nose and all the rocks. Imagine that.

Jaina had been asking me for about 2 weeks when we would be putting up the Christmas tree. 
I kept telling her the earliest would be the 25th, but I wanted to wait until the 27th. Well, 
the 25th came and up went the tree. We moved furniture around about 5 times, and had the 
couches, in all sorts of places. Until we finally decided to put the tree where it was last year.

Jaina had my phone and was taking pictures of everyone, but this is the best one that she got.

Here's the tree all lit! Jaina was also anxious to put on the ornaments, but we 
needed to wait until Melody took her nap. Also, I needed to make rolls for 
Thanksgiving so I worked on them off and on in between the decorating. 

During the ornament process we received a gift from Grandma June Tolman. This piano belonged 
to her and she didn't need it, so she gave it to us. Ben was coming down for Thanksgiving so he 
rented a trailer and brought the piano straight to our house. It fits perfectly under the shelf!

Here's the finished product, and we're ready for Christmas a few days early.

That night we hung out with Ben & Amber and Lana & JR and kids. It was nice to just 
sit around and talk. Afterwards we headed to Provo to have a treat at Rockwell Ice Cream.

Brent & Lisa's best friends just opened this shop a week ago and we were so excited to finally try 
it out.  Pat got an ice cream sandwich with Honey Comb ice cream in between two snickerdoodles. 
Xander and Jaina got snickerdoodle ice cream and I got Muddy Buddies ice cream. Mara was 
sleeping over at Liza's with Addi and Aubrey, so she missed out on the ice cream fun.

When we got home Melody didn't want to go to bed because she wanted to 
look at the tree. So in the morning she was so excited that the tree was still there. 
I am hoping that next year we can put ornaments on the bottom half of the tree.

It was so great to be all together with the Tolman's. With Ben & Amber here we had all 18 
grandchildren together for the first time so I made sure we documented it. It was a fiasco 
because of Jaina being in the sunlight. But considering that, it's a pretty good picture.

Thanksgiving night I met up with JD, Chris, Mom and Lindsay and got in line at Target for 
their Black Friday sale. It was so stinkin cold and windy and I was not prepared with a hat 
or scarf. We used a bobby pin to make my coat stay up around my neck!! I got there about 
4:45 and the store didn't open until 6. But we had fun talking and trying to hide from the wind.

After all our deals were purchased, we took advantage of the Starbucks and got some hot chocolate!

The next morning I came downstairs to this sight. They were all involved 
in the TV and Melody was sitting funny but didn't seem to mind.

I got an iPod touch when Jaina was a baby and it's been a great thing for the littles to play with 
when we need some calming time. But this past February, for some reason, Jaina sucked on 
the power port and shorted it out and it no longer works. So we've been without the extra iPod 
for over 6 months. Jaina has been asking ever since then if we could get a new one. It's hard 
to explain to kids about cost of items, especially apple products. So anyway, right before 
Thanksgiving, Karri gave us her old iPhone 3, since it had just been sitting in a drawer. So now 
we have a replacement, which is great and tough at the same time, because there have been 
tantrums over it. But for the most part, I'm glad to have something back to occupy these girls.

Mara and I had done some clothes shopping to get shirts to match her Christmas 
dress, and we found these cute scarves along with them. Technically they are both 
Mara's, but she let me borrow one to wear to church, and in turn she wore one 
of my sweaters. How can it be that we are already sharing stuff and she's only 9.

We finally had some snow!!! It wasn't a whole lot, but Jaina made the most of it and made a snow angel.

When she was all done, she had snow in her hair and it was so pretty!!

Melody is starting to want to sit at the table during dinner time. We were 
having french toast and bacon for dinner and she did so great and sat there 
the whole time and ate all of her food! Why is my baby growing up so fast?

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

JD's 40th Birthday

November 22nd

Pat brought home a balloon from church and Melody was in heaven!!
She loved throwing it around and trying to catch it.

Later that day we went over to Mana's for Sunday dinner and celebrated JD's birthday.

We were entertained by these boys playing a game together on their iPods.

Here's the 'cake' that Karri made for JD.

Melody was so ready for a cupcake that I let her have one while JD was opening his presents.

We all made him cards with glitter on them, because he really hates glitter.

These two are always acting like idiots, and I love it.

JD was very sneaky. While we were singing and I was getting ready to take pictures, he 
just leaned in and blew out all his candles and made us all crazy! It's just like him to do that.

I love this brother of mine and all his shenanigans. 

Before we left, Melody was giving hugs and ran back to give one to JD, it was super cute.

Happy Birthday brother. LOVE YOU!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Random November

Pat, Xander and I went to see the new James Bond movie Spectre and Mana watched 
the girls. When we got back to the house to pick them up this is how we found 
Melody. She was quite content being surrounded by princess toys.

When big sister's at school, that means I can play in her bed and with her toys! She'll never know!

Melody found Jaina's snow boots and was trying to walk around in them, 
but they were too big and kept falling off, so it made her mad. She only 
tried a few times before she gave up and went to do something else.

Friday (13th)
Mara and I have been wanting to see the new movie Pan since it came out in October, but didn't have 
the chance until it came to the Water Gardens. So we went on Saturday night and had a mommy 
daughter date at the movies. We both really liked the movie and had a great time, except for the 
fact that it was freezing when we left the theater and Mara only brought her jacket. It's a 
good thing we live close to the theater so we could go home and warm up.

Saturday (14th)
Mara and Xander took Melody out in the back to play for a bit and Xander sent me these 2 pictures. 

Pat and I were in sync in our clothing choices and wore Star Wars apparel. 
This is the only Star Wars shirt that I own and he has countless shirts and items.

Saturday we spent a few hours looking for a new car for Pat. His Honda Civic is on it's last leg 
and we don't want to go into winter with a car that could die at any moment. We just got the 
radiator replaced a few weeks ago too, but it's still having problems. So Mana watched 
the kids so we could test drive cars. We found one that we like, so we'll see if we can 
get it. I really hope so, because the Civic is 20 years old and this new one we're looking at 
is only 3 years old and will be able to help us out for years to come.

A trip to the mall resulted in these amazing pillowcases for Pat & I. 
They are my most favorite! I wrote on Instagram: 
We finally got that thing that we never knew we always needed!!

(Friday 20th)
Melody has been in a stage where she doesn't want to eat anything unless 
it's milk, go-gurt, or anything soft. But finally I found something 
else that she's willing to eat: TOAST. She also likes tuna fish sandwiches!!!

I watched the neighbors kids and Melody was so excited to have friends over. 
She and Josh are just a few months apart and she kept hugging him!!

We put on a Mickey cartoon DVD and Stephen and Ben were in awe.

It's always fun to have friends over to play, especially while Jaina's at school.