Saturday, February 28, 2015

October 2013

I bought this quilt kit before we moved into our house, so probably 2010, and I finally made it, just in time for October!  It turned out really cute!

Jaina likes to have picnics with her toys, and it usually happens on the stairs.

We closed the cabin and got to enjoy the nice fall weather.

Xander turned 10. He loves Skylanders and Minecraft.

Karri made this amazing Minecraft cake for him.

Gotta have my selfie with my birthday boy.

On October 21st, Mara and Xander were playing outside with a basketball. Mara went to grab it and stepped on it to make it stop, but slipped in the process. She fell, elbow first and hurt it enough that she had to get stitches.  It was quite an event, but she did amazing!

Because she was so brave, Dad took her to get a treat from the gas station. So she picked a giant cookie!

Being pregnant, was really exhausting for me, especially with Jaina at home.  There was one day when she wanted to go swimming so badly, so I just filled up the tub and let her wear her suit.  Needless to say, she was in heaven!!  I sure got some good mommy points that day.

Grandma Joan fell at the beginning of October, had surgery on her leg/hip and was in a rehab/care center for a few weeks.  We went to visit her on my dad's birthday.

My gorgeous kids ready for their Primary Program!

And what would October be without Halloween!!

Cinderella and the Doctor

Jaina was the perfect Doc McStuffins

Another visit to Grandma Joan for Halloween.

With some of the cousins on the Tolman side.

Dad was a zombie

Here we are in all of our Halloween glory!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

September 2013

 On August 23rd, this amazing lady passed away, Ethel Sucfronia Poulton.  She was such a wonderful mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She was always happy and loving. Always wanting to hear about your life and what made you happy.  I had the pleasure to help her on a few of her quilts through the years, and even up to a few weeks before she passed.
She was buried in Colorado next to her husband Gail. And we were able to attend.

We traveled with most of Pat's family, which was great to be able to spend time with all of them.
The one thing the kids thought was funny was that the fire hydrants were different colors than the ones at home!

Jaina all dressed up for the funeral. 

Our handsome Xander. 

Beautiful Mara. 

My 3 cuties.

This is one of my all time favorite family pictures, even with the huge belly!

Pat, Ben, Morri, Tammy, Roger, Gwen & Lana 

On the way home, we stopped by the Colorado River and got our toes wet.

Grandma & Mara 

September 7th: Salt Lake Comic Con
This was the very first Comic Con for Salt Lake City. We went up for 1 day but had a blast.
Xander cosplayed as The Doctor

Waiting outside of the Salt Palace. It was hot and a LONG wait. 

The awesome Lego display. 

We found the Tardis!!!! 

Pat was able to meet some of his favorite authors 

And we met Nicholas Brendan from Buffy!!
His character is Xander's namesake! 

Me and my geeky boys! 

Mara and her best friend Emma Macdonald.

This one still needed to nap but never would, so she still falls asleep in weird places. ie: Walmart

And her bedroom floor. 

But she loves to play with play-dough.

And nap with mom. 

My cousin Megan and I were best friends growing up and we were able to be pregnant together and only due a few weeks apart!  My 4th and her 1st. 

While I was at Swiss Days, daddy took the kids to the park and sent me this picture.
I sure love these kids.