Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 2014 part 3

After living here for over 2 years, and with the 
addition of Melody in the family,
it was time to finish the basement!!
We were so blessed to have a contractor 
and electrician in the ward to help us save on cost.
We started the whole process March 11th.

Looking into Xander's future room.

Drywall day: March 28th

We are so excited to see how it all turns out!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 2014 part 2

Melody: 4 months old!!

Can I just say, I LOVE MY CAMERA!!

How many fingers can she fit in her mouth??

This is what happens when daddy is in charge of bath time!

Just playing around.

Xander built this awesome Lego creation that he said was Rapunzel's tower!

Squishy face!

The bigger babies get, the more things you need to entertain them.
So it was time to get out the Excersaucer!

Karri made sure that Melody got an early start rooting for Real Salt Lake!

Love the fuzzy hair, and it only happens after bath time.

Pat had a conference up in Park City and we were able to join him! 
We stayed at the Zermatt, the kids all slept on the floor, 
and we had fun swimming in March!!

This was Melody's first time in a pool too!!!

Went to a family baby shower where Melody was able to see Harper again!

We took a Sunday excursion to see the progress on the Payson Temple.

We are so excited to have another Temple close to us and can't wait until it's open!

Look at her sweet hands!

There was one night when Karri and Mana came over for dinner 
and Melody was being super cranky.
The only way she would calm down at all was to be held like this.

Xander's new love is a sketch comedy show on BYUTV called Studio C.
It is so funny, and they were having a contest to 'Show your C'. 
So we decided to make Melody into a shoulder angel.
Sadly, we didn't win, but it was fun anyway.

Friday, March 27, 2015

March 2014 part 1

Xander was so excited and made chair for Melody out of Legos!

Mana has this giant bear at her house and Melody didn't mind snuggling with it.

Also, the kids thought that it was funny to put Melody on the couch 
with ALL of the beanie babies in Mana's house.

Luckily she didn't mind too much.

It even made her quite happy!

With every baby I've always hoped that they will have my red hair, and with Melody
 there were a few days when I saw a glimmer of hope. (which has since died)
I just love her peeking out from the blanket too.

Jaina was always my helper when I was showering. 
Helping to make sure Melody was happy.
This day, she decided she would 'read' to Melody.

At almost 4 months, she decided it was okay to hold her head up off the ground!

Cute sisters.

Jaina just being Jaina.

With a cute hair cut!

Xander decided to have Melody ride Pinkie Pie!
At that age, she was the perfect size!

Melody's shirt says it all!

Grandpa and his trick that he has done with ALL his children and grandchildren!

This mask perfectly describes Jaina.
She can be a mild mannered Bruce Banner, but the moment she is mad,
she turns into the HULK!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

February 2014 part 3

Just playing with my new camera.
I love these cuties.

Xander and his iPod.

Mara and her Ever After High doll, Apple White.

We had Grandma & Grandpa over for dinner and had a great time with them.

We even tried to take a selfie with my Rebel.

Grandma was so great and played round after round of Candy Land with the kids.

We love that Melody is okay when we snuggle her.

Here is a collage of all of my girls, in the same shirt, all at 3 months old.
It's crazy to see them all side by side.
Melody, Mara & Jaina

Happy 3 months little one!