Wednesday, April 22, 2015

May 2014 Jaina's 4th Birthday

Jaina got to start out her birthday early with a shopping trip to Toys R Us.
She is really into playing kitchen and needed more dishes and cupcakes to add to her collection.

On the 25th, we celebrated her birthday at Mana's house.
Jaina wanted her cake to have flowers and ballerinas, and Karri delivered!!

She was so happy to get the Minnie-rella movie that she had been asking for from JD & Chris.

And new ballerina dresses just made her day so happy!

Thank you Karri for all you do for her.

And Mana too!  She is so blessed to have these amazing women in her life.

Here's to the big 4!!!

On her actual birthday we had family come over to play and she got a new Barbie doll and closet set from Lana and her kids.

And a Skipper and Chelsea set from Addi and her family.

Afterwards, we went to dinner at Red Robin (our families favorite place to eat) with our family.

Had to have a picture with my birthday girl!

And this girl too!

We had a bit of a wait, so the kids were just running around the fountain dancing and playing.

This was the first time Melody sat in a high chair and she did great!

After dinner Jaina opened her present from Grandma & Grandpa.
More play food!!!  Yay for ice cream!

Once again, Melody had no clue there was anything on her head.

Jaina got a late present from Mana too, a Doc McStuffins computer.

Happy Birthday little girl!!

May 2014 Memorial Day / Cabin / Last Day of School

The girls think it's so funny to dress Melody up, especially when she doesn't notice.

The weekend of Memorial Day, we went down to the cabin with Mana to open it up. 
We didn't expect to have a tree blocking the driveway though.

After at least an hour of work, using an electric saw, then Mana getting a gas powered one from a neighbor, Pat was able to get it cut up and moved out of the way. 
I'm so grateful that I married a man that is willing to work and get the job done.

Meanwhile, the kids and I cleaned then played.

Xander and his Lincoln Logs house.

The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, we went to the cemetery to place flowers 
on Dad, Grandma Joan & Grandpa John's graves.

This was the first time we had been back to the cemetery since Grandma Joan died.

We are sitting at Dad's grave, but his headstone didn't get captured in the picture.

I love how much Melody is loved by her siblings.

This may have been one of the first times she had been on grass.

Xander found Grandpa John's flag, representing his service in the military.

She wasn't too happy that we put her down.

Karri didn't mind the wet necklace, as long as it meant she could hold Melody.

It always seems like Jaina falls asleep on the way home each Sunday, 
and I am thankful for her seatbelt to keep her semi-upright.

May 30th: The last day of 4th Grade for Xander

The last day of 2nd Grade for Mara.

And my cutie pie just loves her Baby Minnie.

May 2014: Tammy Retirement / Xander End of Year Program

Grandma had been working at Mountain View High School for over 20 years, and FINALLY was able to retire!!  
There were 4 other faculty that were retiring also, so they had an afternoon of food and mingling to help celebrate them.

We are so happy for Grandma and can't wait to spend more time with her and Grandpa!!

I love that my girls wanted a picture with the BRUIN!  

Xander was able to take this pic on his iPod and I LOVE IT!

Xander had his end of year program and sang a song about all the counties of Utah. He held Juab!

Xander and Mrs. Shepherd

Xander and two of his good friends: Carson and Sterling.

Mana is so great and tries her best to be at her grandkids events!

Xander and his representation of the human body.

Way to go Xander! You're all done with the 4th grade!