Wednesday, May 27, 2015

July 2014 The Rest Of It

Another close friend from high school, Courtney, came to town, which called for another girls lunch.
Me, Kristen, Courtney & Stefanie

This is the first time I have done a water slide in YEARS. They are not my favorite, 
but I did it once with Jaina and she was so happy to have me with her.

Just a silly picture of our little fairies.

Melody's hair is finally starting to grow, but you can only tell after she's had a bath.

Melody has started on baby food and likes it for the most part. We had a few bumps in the beginning, after we figured she was allergic to rice cereal, because she would throw up 2 hrs after eating it. The first time was at Grandma & Grandpa's house, at home, then at Walmart (that was a rough day). Ever since I started feeding her oatmeal or wheat cereal she's been fine.  Right now her favorite has been peaches.

Our baby and our giant zucchini!!

Just a cute messy face.

Melody took a nap with Grandpa and it was so sweet.

July 2014 Karri's Birthday Week part 2

We went to the Real Salt Lake Soccer game on July 24th as a big family.

The girls were so excited!


Karri is a HUGE fan and made sure all of the kids were fans too!

They won!!!
After the game there were fireworks for Pioneer Day.

Melody was so good all night, but was overly tired when we were all done.
Karri was loving the snuggles.

We ended the birthday week with the movie Muppet's Most Wanted in Mana's 
backyard, complete with popcorn, drinks and s'mores!!

Happy Birthday Karri! 
We LOVE You!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

July 2014 Karri's Birthday Week part 1

Aunt Karri was having her 40th birthday and we wanted to make sure that it was epic for her. We started the week with her Sunday birthday celebration and the traditional picture with the nieces & nephews.

This little girl is so loved by these two.

Mana and Melody

Melody is starting to like the popsicles.

It's been a long time since I had a picture with my sister so I made sure it happened.

The next celebration was her actual birthday July 23rd.
We started the fun with some cute toes! 

Then went to JCW's as a big family!

Then it was on to Trafalga for some Laser Tag!  
We signed up as many times as we could so everyone had a chance to play.

Jaina just wanted to play with the outside attractions.

Melody just hung out with me in her stroller.  In order to keep her occupied, 
I started tickling her to get a good picture of her adorable smile.

This is one of my favorites because you can see her first tooth popping through at 8 months old.

Jaina was set on doing the bumper boats and daddy was great to do it with her.

Then the girls took a turn.

And got drenched!!!

Afterwards, we headed to Mana's house for some Cul-de-sac of fire!!

Xander and Max were able to help out with the lighting of the fireworks and loved it .

Then they did the traditional jumping over the fireworks!

This is Pat's version of "I have made fire" from Castaway.

More jumping

Then Pat, Xander and Max all jumped together!
What silly boys.