Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Disneyland Day 3 - Disneyland Proper & The Beach

These kids are ready for day 2.

Melody was ready too.

Family picture #3

Family picture #4

We had early entry to the park that included Fantasyland.
So the Mad Tea Party is where we started the day.

These boys were happy to wait while the rest of us went on...

King Arthur Carrousel

Next we headed to Tomorrowland for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

Just like their big sisters, these cousins loved being together (most of the time)

FYI: The scores in the picture are actually swapped.

Lisa was making Melody her friend while we went on...

Star Tours - The Adventures Continue

Family picture #5

We had a fantastic Photo Pass Photographer, his name was Dave. He spent a good amount of time with us and even told us how to take better pictures. So he took all of our cameras and put them on the best settings and said that even in the daylight it's a good idea to use a flash! He was right! The rest of our pictures were much better because of his advice. #DaveAtPartners

Our group pic on Pirates of the Caribbean didn't work, but at least I got a selfie with this hottie!

Family picture #6

Another one of my favorites
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This is one of my most favorite pictures, she really did love every ride 
she went on, even when she looked scared while riding it.

Mara loved it too!

We wanted to have some time to play at the beach, so we left the park 
before lunch, grabbed food at a Wendy's and headed to the water.

The kids waiting near the lobby of the hotel before the beach.

On Instagram we had a special hashtag for the trip and Lisa wrote it in the sand!

It's hard to tell but that's my Mara just excited to be at the beach.

Jaina just wanted to build sand castles the whole time.

When I was getting Melody in her swimsuit she crawled off the towel and got her 
hands all sandy.  She didn't know what to do and was very worried about it.

Even when they're mad, you still have to put the baby in the ocean!

Xander and Lisa had a great time making a sand dam. 

Lisa wanted to get a fun jumping picture and it turned out great!

Except for the fact that Mom fell right after the pic and almost got swept out to sea! 
Good thing we were all there to save her.

Karri and I did a jump too, even though we look stupid it was fun!

Mana and her grandkids!

Gotta make a pyramid!

After we were done at the beach, we decided to just jump in the pool 
at the hotel for the rest of the afternoon. First up: Waterslides.

This girl is very adventurous and loved jumping into the pool.

For dinner we went to the restaurant at the hotel, that was next to the pool:
Tangaroa Terrace 

Melody messed her jammies at dinner and was just tired after the long day and fell 
asleep before we even put her down.  Oh how I love her chubby cheeks.