Monday, August 31, 2015

May 2015 - Weekend Getaway

We decided a few months ago that we really needed to have a weekend getaway but we 
didn't know where or what we wanted to do.  So after a lot of talking we decided that 
St. George would be a great place to go. I've always wanted to see a show at Tuacahn 
and we had friends that hooked us up with a place to stay. It worked out that it happened 
the last week of May, right after school got out, and before Pat went back to school to 
start working on his Masters Degree. My mom and Karri were able to help us out by keeping 
the kids for the weekend. School got out at noon, we loaded the car, and Mana came down 
to the house, then we were off on our adventure.

When we got to St George we dropped our stuff off at the condo we were staying in, then headed 
to dinner at a local restaurant, Black Bear Diner.  We had heard good things about it from friends 
and they were right, it was really yummy!  We both got BLT type sandwiches that were big enough 
that we were able to save half of them for breakfast the next day.

We had bought tickets to go see a movie, but it didn't start until after 10 pm, so 
after dinner we headed back to the condo for some down time until the movie.  
On our way to the movie we stopped at Dairy Queen for a dessert.
I bet you can't guess who's is who's.

When we got to the theater this is what we found.  It was completely empty, so the show 
was just for us. At least that's how it was until the movie started and about 3-4 other couples 
showed up. But still! It was so empty! We saw Tomorrowland, it was really fun and we liked it a lot.

The next morning, Saturday, we went to do a session in the St. George Temple. 
It was the first time either of us had been there, so it was extra fun.

After the temple we changed clothes, got lunch at Subway, then went shopping for the afternoon. 
We both found some new clothes at Old Navy, and bought a new family game FARKLE.

Later that day we headed up to Tuacahn to see Beauty and the Beast! 
This was also a new experience for both of us. It was so pretty and quite, I loved it.

When we bought our tickets we also bought tickets for their pre show dinner. It was really great 
food and all you can eat!! They even had the food tables decorated to go along with the show!

We got there quite early and had to wait for about an hour 
and a half before the show started, so we had a little fun.

We bought our customary magnet, some snacks and hung out 
on the lawn for awhile until we could go sit in our seats.

It was really warm outside, even when the sun wasn't blaring down on us, so we 
got some Frozen Strawberry Lemonade while we waited for the show to start.

We had a lady behind us take this picture. I should have asked 
her to make sure and get the book in the picture too. Oh well. 

The show was really enjoyable and they did a great job.

The next day, Sunday, we headed into Las Vegas! This was the first time we had been 
here since we were here on our honeymoon! We went to a few malls first, then headed 
into the city! We parked at a mall close to the freeway, then walked down the strip.

We were on a bridge over the road and I thought it was cool that you could see down the strip.

We found a cute little waterfall/pond.

We started out at the Venetian! It's such a beautiful building.

On our honeymoon I had wanted to take a gondola ride, but felt it was too expensive, 
we were newlyweds on a budget! So this time I told him that I wanted to do it.

It was really fun and we were able to do the gondolas that were inside the hotel.

It's always good luck to kiss when you go under a bridge.

Here's Tino, our 'captain'. He was really funny and sang a few songs in Italian that were really beautiful.

This is a cool fountain that was outside of the Venetian. 

Afterwards, we headed across the street to Caesars Palace.  I had to take a picture 
of their curving escalators for Xander, because I knew he would think it was cool.

There are so many cool things to see, like a small aquarium.

and large statues.

After we explored the strip, we headed over to Freemont Street because I had never 
been there before. I was really amazed that they had zip lines down the street.  I was really 
interested in doing it, but very chicken at the same time. So we opted not to do it. Maybe next time.

Pat really wanted to do a little bit of gambling at the slot machines. 
So we both had $20 to gamble. He was lucky and won a bit of money!

My picture turned out blurry, but he won 73 dollars.
I ended up losing all of my $20.

Afterwards we were really hot and tired, so we drove around a bit. Pat found a little 
toy shop and found out that they had another one across town. So we went to see that one 
too, then had dinner at an Applebee's before heading back to St. George.

Monday morning came and it was time to go home. After a McDonald's breakfast we headed over to The Fractured Prune to have doughnuts!  It was really cool because you could pick your own toppings!
Pat had a keylime and banana cream. I had a banana cream and of course chocolate!

Our weekend was fun and ended fast, but it was great to have time together, just us. 
I am so thankful for my mom and sister that took time to be with our kids for those 3+ days. 
They are so wonderful to us and I can't thank them enough. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

May 2015 - Last Day of School

May 29th
I can't believe that the school year is over!  It's so crazy how fast time goes and how much these kids grow. In a few months I will have a 6th Grader and 4th Grader!

I don't have pictures of the event, but I need to blog about it. 
It was finally time for Jaina to get her Kindergarten shots. Last year at her 4 year check up the nurse asked me if I wanted to do the Kindergarten shots and I said no, that we would wait. Of course, Jaina being Jaina, she heard the word 'shot' and flipped out. Literally, for the next year, she talked about shots and said she was scared about it. She has so much anxiety for these sort of things.  We tried so many times to talk to her about it and she even watched and episode of Daniel Tiger about visiting the doctor. So when it came time to actually do the shots I thought she was finally okay with it, because she said she would be a big girl and get the shots.  Well, that's not how the appointment went. We were in the office first thing in the morning and she became Mrs. Anxiety again. When it was time for the shots, she refused! There was so much talking from me and the nurse for at least 15 minutes to try to get her to calm down. She kept saying she would make the choice and let the nurse give the shots, but then she wouldn't do it. We even had the nurse leave for a bit, but when she came back with a second nurse, Jaina flipped out even more. So finally after 20+ minutes she said she would get the shots. So I had her on my lap and she was still throwing a bit of a fit. So the nurse put Jaina's legs between her's and I held Jaina's arms tight to her chest and then she finally got the shots. Afterwards she just screamed and cried, but when we got stickers from the front desk she started to calm down a bit. I had told her that we would go get lunch from McDonald's afterwards, so we did.   It was such a traumatic thing for her, but it was finally over. I told her that she doesn't need any more until she's Xander's age (12), so she's pretty happy about that.

May 2015 - Jaina's 5th Birthday

Grandma had a Relief Society night where she learned how to decorate cakes. So she made one for Jaina since it was her birthday month.  She was so excited to get a cake before her actual birthday!

Mana takes all the grandkids shopping for their birthdays and Jaina was looking forward to her day.  The kids usually get to keep a few things on the shopping day, then have to wait for others for the Sunday celebration. Mana got her a scooter!!!!!!

A Daisy Tsum Tsum

When they got home I put together her scooter because she wanted to ride it 'right now'!

It had been a long day and while waiting to go to dinner she fell asleep on the couch next to me. She had been playing Karri's iPod and just conked. She ended up being really emotional at dinner too. She spilled water on her dress and said it was ruined and cried about it. It's rough turning 5.

Aunt Gwen came by with a little present. A Tinkerbell doll and Go Fish! game.

On the Sunday before her birthday we had our family celebration at Mana's house.  She got a few dresses and Pat made her laugh saying he was going to wear one of them.

During presents, Melody discovered she could sit on the fireplace!

Jaina got Goofy and Stitch Tsum Tsums. 

A new Lego Friends set

The 'old' Annie from Karri

Sawyer drew her this really cute card.

Also got Barbie Princess Power movie from JD & Chris

Karri gave her some new school shoes, and a few new nightgowns.

This was the cake that Jaina ordered. A Heart with Mickey and Minnie's on it.

This was one of the outfits that Mana got her. She just loves that the shirt 'lights up'!

Her Barbie movie came with a super hero mask!

The morning of her actual birthday we gave her our presents.

She was so excited to get her very own Ever After High doll: Briar Beauty

A Rosalina shirt!!!  She just loved this because she loves Rosalina from Mario Galaxy.

A Peach Amibo for Super Smash Bros!

Xander gave her a Lickilicky Pokemon card.  She has watched Pokemon with him 
lately and liked the character, so she asked Xander for a month for a Lickilicky. Xander 
traded his friend Trey for one for her birthday. She was so super excited for it.

Mara let her go through some trinkets in her room and pick some to keep. 
Jaina was happy about this one too.  It's amazing how easy she is to please at times.

Later that day Grandma & Grandpa stopped by with a new shirt and a My Little Pony doll.

Melody got ahold of the maracas from Jaina's presents and was running around with them.

Jaina wanted to go to the park, so we went to the one at the Library.

That night we went shopping at Toys R Us and then to dinner.

Over all it was a great birthday for her.  
She was really looking forward to turning 5 so she could go to Kindergarten.

Happy Birthday Jaina! We love you!