Friday, October 30, 2015

Sickies and the Temple

Oct 17th
The day that we went to the cabin for the last time we were all tired and I laid down for a 
nap while Melody was napping. Jaina was being cranky, so Pat told her to lay down with 
me. And miracle upon miracle, she actually fell asleep for at least an hour. It is so rare for 
her to nap, unless it's between 4-5 and we are driving in the car a long distance (to orem).

On Monday the 19th, we went to Costco after school and we ran into Greer's. Jaina and Leisy just love 
each other and love being in school together. I caught them holding hands as we left the store.

Oct 20th
One morning while I was doing my hair, Melody kept herself occupied and 
discovered the fun of Qtips! I have pictures of Jaina doing this at about 2 years old!

October 23rd
Now that Xander is 12, he can attend the temple and do baptisms for the dead. We wanted to make sure 
that his first experience was with us, so that when he went with the youth in the ward, he would know 
what to expect. We decided to take him to Mount Timpanogos since it had been awhile since we were 
at that temple. It was a really nice night, there was a huge group in front of us, so we had to wait awhile, 
but once it was our turn I could feel the spirit. There was a mother and daughter that came to do 1 family 
name. During the ordinance, I could feel the spirit so strong. It was a wonderful thing to experience.

Oct 24th
Jaina wakes us up every so often in the middle of the night and usually 
just need to use the bathroom. During the summer we would let her 
sleep on our floor so we wouldn't disturb Melody and have to get out 
of bed ourselves. But now that school is in session, we usually just send 
her back to bed. But this particular morning she woke up around 6 am and 
since it was Saturday, we randomly let her sleep in our bed (which we 
NEVER do). She had started a fever the day before and we knew that 
she just didn't feel well. She ended up sleeping in past 9 am!

Oct 26
Jaina had been sick for a few days and Melody came down with a slight fever too, so I had stayed home 
from church with the girls. So when Monday came and Jaina's fever finally broke, I kept her home from 
school to make sure she didn't pass along anything. But because Melody was feeling poorly also, she ended 
up only napping for a little over an hour. I was in the process of finishing up Halloween costumes for 
Mana's party that night, but Melody had other plans. She was very clingy and only wanted to sit with me. 
We watched Bolt (her choice) and snuggled for a bit until she relaxed enough for me to finish costumes.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 2015 - Goodbye Cabin

Due to the expensive upkeep of the cabin, Mom put it up for sale a few summers ago. 
This past month she had an offer and accepted it. So we took a morning and the 
whole family went down so we could empty out all the personal items.

Before we got started we took the traditional picture on the stairs. We 
have been doing this for over 15 years, and it's fun to see how the family 
has grown. Jaina and Finley thought that this was the funny picture.

Here's the real funny picture.

I was able to take pictures of the wall displays and other things before we took them down.

This was dad's fishing wall. In the frames are actual flies that he tied and used 
to fish. And there's even a display of flies that were his dads, Grandpa Johnny.

These are just some of the posters that were hung on the walls.

Who needs a ladder when you have a Lisa and Max.

These were upstairs in the bedroom area. They were old pictures from cabins at Yellowstone.

This poster is in the stair well and dad actually attached the frame around the poster directly onto the wall.

These girls were just running around everywhere and helping to 
take things down. This was just about the only picture I got of the girls.

Melody has always liked the giant fork and spoons and was 
excited to be able to hold one. It's almost as tall as she is.

I just so happens that it was a purple day for us girls. So odd how those things happen.

The leaves were so pretty on the ground, much nicer than a few weeks ago when 
we were here to close the cabin. Melody just wanted to walk around and explore.

One last family picture with the cabin.

I was doing really good the whole morning, until it was time to leave. I just stood in front of the cabin 
and looked at it. Mom was inside and JD asked me where she was. I told him that she was inside probably 
saying goodbye, and that got me crying. He hugged me and started crying too. Then Karri saw us and she 
lost it. Then of course, Brent came behind us and started being funny to make us laugh.  Brent said it felt 
like we were selling dad and JD pipped in and said that it was like we were selling his organs too.

Mom talked about the last time that Dad was here and how
 he knew it was his last time and just paused to take it all in.

We got one last picture of the 'original family' before we left.

Max had slept over the night before and the boys had stayed 
up late, so they napped a bit in the car on the way home.

Mana took us all out to lunch at Culver's afterwards.

I am going to miss our cabin so much but I know that this is what needs 
to happen for mom and the family. It just makes me miss dad even more 
because it felt like it was the last tie we had to him and now that's gone too.

October 2015 - 'School' Pictures

I came to the conclusion a few years ago that buying school pictures is way too expensive, especially 
when you have more than 1 child in school. Last year I took the kids to a local photo studio for their 
pictures and loved them. But this year I decided that I can do it!!! So we set out during Fall Break to 
take pictures. I had wanted to do them at a local park with a pond but it was closed because that's 
the location of the city's annual Holiday Lights drive through display. So we decided to walk up 
local trail that we've been to a few times.  I would find different spots and take pictures of all 
four kids in each spot. It was fun but frustrating, but I knew it would be like that. I'm just happy 
that they turned out and we now have updated pictures on our family wall.

Here are my favorites.

Jaina started out with a necklace, bracelet and ring, but they didn't last too long.

I love these four so much!

It's hard to see, but behind the kids in the dark area in these next 
few pictures is the Dripping Rock that we have been to a few times. 

We ran into a lady on the trail that had two dogs. Melody was so excited to see dogs and kept 
saying "Hello, doggy" and waving at them. These next two pictures were her reaction to the dogs.

Melody was so happy to have a hand full of rocks!