Wednesday, December 7, 2016

May 2016 - Mara End Of Year Program

I love the pictures that Mara draws. 

May 25th: Mara had her end of year program and was really 
excited about it and she was even able to sit by her friend Abby.

They sang a song about the counties of Utah and she got to hold a sign for Morgan County.

Afterwards she showed us her county report in the computer lab.

Mana came to see her program too. 

Mara and her teacher Mrs. Chatterly (formerly Miss Rands)

Abby Hoyt and Mara

Mara with her poster of the organs inside the body.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

May 2016 - Jaina Birthday Celebration

Xander made a paper mache mask at school, but didn't like 
it too much, so we took a picture before he threw it away.

Mana always takes the kids shopping for their birthdays, and they usually get to have one 
of their presents on the shopping day. This is a game that she got called Wet Head. The helmet 
is filled with water, you spin the dial, and whatever number you land on, you have to take 
out that many pegs out of the hat. Then it's just a roulette to see who is going to get wet. 
They had a great time playing this and she was super happy, even after getting wet.

Xander was going on a campout and another mom took this pic and shared it with me. 
Xander, Kyle Kober and Kenny Prigmore.

Melody is really liking to play with the play food and dress up in the hat and apron.

Melody was playing in Pat's closet and found his bike helmet and wanted 
to wear it, so we took a selfie so she could see what she looked like.

Ahh!!! This was the first time Melody ate cereal with milk, and she loved it.

May 22nd, we celebrated Jaina's birthday at Mana's house.
I love that Karri will make cakes exactly how the kids want them.

She even put rings inside too.

One of the things from Mana, a hand grabber. Jaina was super excited about this one.

New barbie toys from Karri.

New sandals from Mana

Anna Nightgown

Frozen music machine

Then money and Barbie Super Spy Squad from JD & Chris

Karri and her creation.

These sisters are just so sweet!

Since Jaina was out of school now, we went to Toys R Us for some 
birthday shopping. She got a crown and balloon from the store.

Melody was having a moment about the balloon, so the cashier was sweet and gave Melody her own balloon.

Next we headed to Target and these girls like trying on all the masks!

Then we got some cheese roll ups from Taco Bell for lunch, before heading home.

On the drive home, Melody fell asleep while holding onto her 
balloon. I was able to sneak some pictures of her during the drive. 

This is what we got at Toys R Us, Barbie Princess and the Pop Star Courtney doll.

We got some Lego Disney Minifigures and she got the Toy Story Alien.

Ever After High Apple White.

May 2016 - Jaina Kindergarten Graduation

Once again, I love seeing my kids doing things together, because it feels like they are fighting all the time.

Jaina got to celebrate her birthday early at school, since it's after school is out.
She was so excited to be able to take a treat to share with her friends.

Crazy hair happens only when Dad bathes the girls.

Mara and her good friend Abby Hoyt painting on a canvas that Mara got for Christmas.

Mara was teaching Melody the fine art of licking the bowl/spoon after dessert has been made.

Jaina's tooth on the bottom has been loose for a little bit, but while brushing 
her teeth, I noticed that the new tooth is growing in behind the baby 
one. Looks like we'll have to work on getting those teeth to come out.

I babysat Pat's cousin Jared's kids for a few hours one day. The baby, Tanner was 
loving Melody and she was cute and was showing him her books. But as he would 
inch closer to her, she would inch away. It was so funny to watch them interact.

An updated tooth picture: getting really loose, but won't let mom and dad wiggle it at all.

I had started the day out by giving Melody at bath at 6:40 am. She had been sick 
in the night and needed to be cleaned up. Luckily she still gave me a smile.

Melody has really loved the puzzles at Mana's house, so when we went 
to the store we found this Disney alphabet one for her. She was doing 
really well with it on the first try and even put the letters into color groups!!

May 20th: Jaina's last day of Kindergarten
We got her all dolled up for her graduation program. She was in the AM kindergarten class, but 
on this last day of school, the program wasn't until the afternoon. She was so antsy and wanted 
to go to school about 2 hours before we could go. She has a hard time waiting for everything. 

At her program. They sang some songs and had fun!

The very last song was "If W Hold on Together" from The Land Before Time. She had been singing 
this for a few weeks, so I knew that it was going to be in the program. But when they sang it I 
started to cry a little bit. It's such a great song and reminds me of when I was little like her.

The principle: Mr Anderson and her teacher Mrs. Eckhardt

Mana was able to come a support her on her big day.

I made sure to get pictures of her with her friends.

Evan and Ashlyn Murphy 

Zoey Cybulski

Kaylee Horrocks
After I took this picture, she leaned over to Kaylee and said, "Sorry, my mom likes to take 
pictures a lot, she's kinda weird." I laughed about that for awhile. Oh the things kids say.

Leisy Greer

Jordan ?

Hannah Bailey

One last picture with Mrs. Eckhardt. She has been an amazing 
teacher for Jaina and made Kindergarten a great experience.