Tuesday, January 26, 2016

End of December

When Christmas was all said and done, Jaina had to set up 
all of her stuffed toys. Including her 33 mini tsum tsums!!

A Sunday night at Mana's. Melody is always hit and miss when it comes to dinner time, especially 
when we're out of the house. But this night she tried an orange and loved it. She called it a 'gort'!!

While at Mana's, we swapped kids. Mara went to Brent & Lisa's and Max came home with 
us for sleep overs. On Monday, we decided to go to Nickel Mania and had a great time.

Jaina and I usually walk away with over 400 tickets each time we go, but she never 
uses all of them. I have a paper in my wallet that the excess get added to each time 
we're there. We started out with 490, but right now it's up to 940!!! And she even used 
tickets while we were there! At least she's happy and get some fun prizes each time we go.

We met up with Lisa for a kid swap at the Wendy's by Target. Then we went to see Karri after lunch.

The boys had stayed up late, per usual, and Xander 
totally conked out in the car on the way home from Orem.

A new car means new window stickers!!!

On that Wednesday we went to the Provo Rec Center with Liza, Addi 
and Karri. It's been awhile since we swam during the winter. I was excited 
to go because I was able to use my new camera for what I bought it for!

Thursday was New Years Eve! We spent the day relaxing, then headed up to Mana's for dinner 
and games. We picked up food from Taco Amigo to eat at Mana's. Most of Mana's sisters were there 
and we played Yahtzee for a bit before the littles needed to get to bed. So we headed home about 
8:00, put the girls to bed, then watched Super 8 and half of Jurassic Park with Xander and Mara. 
Since we don't have cable and didn't think to turn on the TV to find a New Years event, we 
just watched my phone turn to midnight. We wished each other a happy new year, then went 
to bed. I know, so exciting, but it's what/where we wanted to do/be.

It was a great way to end the year, with these people that I love.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christmas Day

Christmas morning! 
There was a snow storm and a ton of snow (about 6-8 inches) so it was a white Christmas for sure.

Jaina was so excited that she got her Chelsea's Lemonade Stand!

Mara got an art kit.

Xander got a New Nintendo 3DS XL

We gave Mara a Kindle Fire and she was amazed.

We gave Melody a talking Woody doll that matches her Jessie doll.

We gave Jaina a medium sized Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum.

Because of all the fighting between Jaina and Melody over Jaina's beanie 
baby tiger 'kitty', Grandma & Grandpa got Melody a tiger kitty of her own.

Jaina was super excited for her Frozen Fever polly set from G&G Tolman

One of Pat's former students made him this AT-ST. It is amazing and we're not 
quite sure how it was made, possibly a 3D printer, but it was absolutely amazing.

Here is Mara's haul.

Melody's presents.

I got a new Star Wars shirt by my favorite artist Karen Hallion!

Jaina's pile of presents.

Xander's awesome shirts and presents.

I decided to use my new camera and played around with it's wi-fi features. I can 
set it up that my phone is the shutter button, zoom, etc. So if I have it set up on 
tripod, I can make sure the shot looks good!! I did a little Inception shot in the car.

Melody enjoying her new Minnie Mouse phone.

These girls were so excited to see each other and talk about their gifts. They all got Kindle Fire's!!!

The only way to make Melody happy: kitty videos on YouTube.

It was the 3rd Annual Mana's Cafe! The kids look forward to this all year long.

We had to show off our new shirts. We had ordered them in hopes that they would come 
before the movie came out, but they were a day late. So we wore them to our 3rd viewing.

Melody sure loves her Aunt Karri.

Karri gave all the kids new REAL Salt Lake shirts. They were excited about it.

We usually go around in a circle and let each kids open up one present, but 
Melody is exempt from that plan, so she just started digging into her gifts.

JD & Chris gave her a stuffed Mike Wazowski. She was so happy and just laughed and hugged him.

One of Jaina's favortie gifts: Inside Out Tsum Tsums from Karri.

Xander got these awesome ties that look amazing!

Mara got a ton of art supplies from everyone and was overjoyed with it all.

Melody got some new play food too.

A new Minecraft book. I think this is #7, but I'm not sure. Either way, he has a lot of these.

Barbie Rock'n Royals Erica doll, she even sings!!!!

Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon

JD & Chris gave Jaina (the family) the new Cinderella and Minions movies and she squealed. 

Wahoo!!! New Amiibo figures for Smash Bros!!

Melody and her new stroller with Mike.

Mana made Jaina her pillowcase and she loves it.

Yay! A new tea set from Karri!!

After all the kids were done, we sent them downstairs so the adults could open gifts in peace. 
But Jaina came back up and decided that she wanted to be buried in the wrapping paper early.

We got Mana some new gloves and scarf.

I got Brent this canvas print of the picture I took in Yellowstone in 2000, of 
him, Dad and Uncle Darren. I was really excited to do this for him and he loved it!!

The end of the presents, and a whole lot of mess.

But where are all the kids?????

Melody really liked the hiding part and wanted to do it again.

Stocking time.

Melody wanted to open up her box of crayons, but ripped the box in the process.

Mara wanted to get Karri a gift and decided to get Best Friend necklaces for all 3 of them. Karri 
was so excited about it. And they were even wearing the color that matched the necklaces.

On the way home, loving on Mike. 

We stopped by to see Grandma & Grandpa Tolman before heading home. 
We spent the rest of the day at home and relaxed. It was a great Christmas.