Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Rest Of January

This was the day of Jaina's accident, we had gone to McDonald's for lunch. I ordered 
Melody some nuggets, in hopes that she'd eat them (she hasn't been eating well 
lately). She saw me with my McDouble, sat on my lap and proceeded to take a 
bite of my burger. That's when I remembered that she ate some of my burger 
on New Years Eve. So I let her have the rest of my burger and I ate her nuggets.

She has also been eating tuna fish sandwiches. When Pat comes home from school late on 
Wednesdays, I usually make some food for him. This night I made a few tuna sandwiches, 
which was good, because Melody mooched off of him so much she probably ate a 
whole one by herself!! Now I make her sandwiches for lunch and she loves them!

Our Tsum Tsum obsession has grown lately. We knew that there were little vinyl toys that 
were at Target, Walmart & Toys R Us, but I had been avoiding them because I knew I didn't 
need to get into another collection. But a few weeks ago, Pat came home from Walmart and 
had bought me a pack. Each pack has a small, medium and large tsum of different characters. 
kept them in my sewing room on the windowsill. Melody would sneak into that room, climb on 
my table to get to the tsums. So, when we were shopping one night, we saw the packs and the 
girls just went wild over them. Mara got a set of all cats (figaro, marie & cheshire). Jaina got 
some with minnie & cinderella, and this is what I bought. Melody was so happy to play with 
them. So now I keep them in my room by my legos so she can play with them easily. Sadly 
I have opened a can of worms and have bought many more since that day. And series 
2 is coming out soon and I want some of those too. Ugh. 

One morning while I was cleaning the kitchen Melody decided that she wanted to play in the sink. 
It was really cute to see her little naked self playing in the water like I used to when I was a kid.

We didn't have a Tolman family dessert night the first Sunday of January, so we 
decided to have everyone to our house on the 3rd Sunday for dessert. And of 
course, when these boys get together at our house, it always turns into a Smash 
Bros Night! I just love how Jaina cuddled up with Jacob to play with all the boys.

Every day when Melody wakes up, weather it be in the morning or her nap, she never 
yells for me, but she jumps and jumps and jumps in her bed. We can always hear it and 
know she is awake. When I go in to get her, she says to me "I jumping". She loves it. 
This crib has already been through 3 kids prior to her, and we bought it used, so it's been 
well used crib. So if she breaks it, it's alright, cause we won't need it once she's done with it.

One Saturday morning Jaina came up to ask us if she could play the computer to play Minecraft. 
We told her that she needed Xander to help her, which he did. He made her a little house and gave 
her a bunch of cats too. She loves that she can do things like Xander and Mara.  Later that night she 
told Xander that she was sorry, because she accidentally let all the cats out of the house and they 
ran away. She was almost in tears about it, which was so cute. She thought he would be mad, which 
he wasn't. He told her that it was okay and that he could help her get more cats again.

Mara and her best friend Aurora Hawkins. This picture was sent to me 
after they had played around with makeup and were so proud of themselves.

On the 23rd, the Saturday before Lana's birthday, I was able to take her out for a pedicure and 
lunch. It was so nice to be able to relax, talk and not have to worry about our kids for a few hours. 
Pat was so great and watched all the kids at her house while we did our thing. I am so thankful to 
have an amazing sister in law. She has been through so many hard trials in her life, but still manages 
to have a positive glow about her. I really look up to her and strive to be more like her.

Just another cute sleeping Melody picture. I can't seem to get any toys 
out of her bed. If I do, she will search for them and put them back in.

Here's Melody's entourage. Pooh Bear, Tigger, Sulley, Mike, Daisy and Minnie. She loves 
these toys so much. But currently, she calls Minnie Mickey and Daisy Donald. So we've 
been working on correcting her, but it's so cute, so I don't worry too much about it.

Friday January 29th. Xander's first Young Men's campout. They stayed in cabins, which he 
said were really nice. He had a great time playing in the snow and hanging out with the other 
boys in the ward. I love that he is getting to know more boys and gaining more friends.

Jaina's Stitches - Warning Graphic Picture

January 11th started out like a normal Monday. I ran errands while Jaina was at school and was feeling very accomplished. Until I got out to my car and my phone started going crazy with texts from Pat. It made me nervous because it seemed really urgent. So I called him and he told me that the school called and said that Jaina fell and hit her head and needed stitches. Apparently where I was shopping was a dead spot for my phone, because the school called me but couldn't get to me, so they called Pat. He was in frantic mode trying to get a hold of me. So on my way home from errands, I called the school to tell them that I was on my way, but that I needed to take my milk home first. They said that was fine because the bleeding had stopped, but to come as soon as I could. After taking my groceries home, I ran over to the school. I couldn't get a straight answer as to what happened, but she was holding a paper towel to her head. When I pulled it away, my stomach flipped and made me even more worried/panicked. I didn't know what to do. Luckily one of my neighbors was at the school and offered to help me, which was great because I had Leisy Greer today too. Tawni followed me to the clinic and sat in the waiting room with Melody and Leisy while I was in with Jaina. She was really nervous, but luckily her Baby Minnie was in the car and it helped calm her. She did a lot better than I thought she would, but it was probably because she couldn't see what was happening. After it was all said and done, we went to McDonald's for lunch and Jaina acted like nothing had even happened. It's been a month now and I still can't believe that it happened.


That night Mara was nice and read her a few books.

And she even got books read to her by dad.

Later that week, at SEP's I was able to see where she had her 
accident. She was playing in the kitched area of her classroom, 
dropped something, picked it up, then dropped it again.When she went 
to pick it up again, she went really fast and hit her head on the play fridge.

The following Monday was a holiday, which means no school, and that 
is when we went to get the stitches out. It had been a full week. 
Here's how it scabbed over while she had the steri strips on her head.

It took about 10 minutes of talking, asking and convincing to get her 
to lay down for the doctor to take them out. She was really nervous,
 but we finally had to force her down and held onto her so he could do it.

This picture is from later that day. She's going to have a 
pretty big scar, 
which makes me so sad, but it will just add to her spunky personality.

Friday, February 19, 2016

January 2016

Since we didn't get together with family on New Years Eve, we did it on 
New Years Day. We went to Morri's for dinner & games. Lana and her 
kids were able to come also. It's always nice to be with family. 

Melody was so interested in Tiger Lily, like always, 
and she was trying to 'feed' her with the play food.

Also, Inside Out was on the TV and she really likes this movie right 
now, so she just layed with her blanket and watched for a bit.

There were some sugar cookies and she only wanted to eat the frosting.

Then Morri introduced her to spray cheese. He would put in on her 
finger and she would lick it off. Needless to say, she was in heaven.

On Saturday (the 2nd) we went to dinner at The Pizza Factory. It was one of the best evenings 
of eating out we've ever had. Melody was happy, Jaina ate a pizza and we all had a great time.

At dinner one night, Melody HAD to have Mike and Sulley sit with her.

Mara spent over 3 hrs making this Rainbow Dash perler bead 
creation. It's the biggest thing anyone in our family has made.

Melody is obsessed with our family calendar. At least once a week she 
wants it down and looks at all the pictures and tells me who they are.

While doing my hair one morning, I let Melody play with my legos, then I head 
a crash, then another one, and another. This is what I came out to find.

Here's all the pieces piled together.

When she went down for a nap, I spent an hour putting these castles back together. 
Now I'm more careful about what I let her 'play' with.

Melody wants to be big and loves to get in Jaina's bed and pretend to sleep. Sorry 
baby girl, it's still going to be a long while before you get a big bed of your own.

One night when Mana and Karri were here for dinner, all 
Melody wanted to eat was salad. She had 4 helpings of it!

We have this really cute year in a glance calendar that Lana gave us for Christmas 
of 2014. We still have it up because it has pictures of her family and our family 
together. Like I said earlier, Melody loves looking at pictures of family.

Pat and I both got new LEGO sets and built them together. Mine took about an hour longer than his.

Star Wars the Force Awakens

Doctor Who

Melody doesn't mind wearing a hat, which is so different than how Jaina was at 2 years old.

Melody has so many toys in her bed that I'm surprised that she has room to sleep.

Mara drew this picture of Karri and Dash. I just love her pictures.