Monday, March 28, 2016

February - Provo City Center Temple Openhouse

Feb 16th we were able to go to the open house of the new Provo City Center Temple. 
It was such an amazing experience too. This building is very unique because it used to 
be the Provo Tabernacle. The tabernacle had a fire in December of 2010 and lost 
all of the interior of the building. The full details of the temple are here but the 
coolest thing about this temple is that the tabernacle was designed by one of our 
ancestors William Harrison Folsom. So this temple has extra special meaning to us. 

It was so great to be able to take our family through the temple and we are 
blessed to have been able to attend so many open houses in the past 7 years. 
Draper, Oquirrh Mountain, Ogden, Payson and now Provo City Center.

February - Valentines & Birthdays

Since Valentine's was on a Sunday this year, Pat and I went out on Friday to 
dinner and a movie. We ate at the Black Bear Diner in Orem, which recently opened 
up. We ate there when we were in St. George last May and liked it a lot. And the 
food didn't disappoint. Their portions are huge so you can definitely have left overs.

Next we headed over to the Orem Cinemark and saw Deadpool!!  This 
movie is super crude, super bloody but super funny. Which is true 
to the character in the comic books. It was a fun night out for us.

The next day I was able to have a pre-birthday lunch at Zupas with Karri, Lisa 
and Mom. Afterwards we shopped at Target for some new shirts for me. I have 
been wanting some nicer shirts for church since all I wear are cotton t-shirt 
type shirts. Also it helps that I've lost 30 pounds and NEED new shirts too.

Sunday the 14th, we celebrated mine and Pat's birthday's at Moms. 
Karri made us a BB-8 cake!!! It was so perfect!!

JD & Chris gave me this kids birthday card that had stickers to dress up Barbie. I was super 
excited about it because it reminded me of my Barbie sticker book from when I was a kid!!

Lisa has been doing watercolor paintings lately and they are amazing. She painted 
one of me and dad from my 18th birthday. Instantly it made me cry hard, 
because it meant so much to me. Truly one of the best gifts I could have received. 

Here's a side by side of the original picture and her watercolor of it.

Mom got Pat this 6 in 1 Star Wars games set. Anything Star Wars makes this man happy.

Karri got him this awesome shirt and he loves it!!!

Thanks family for making it a great birthday celebration.

One weekend morning Jaina decided to camp out on the landing with her legs 
through the slats and play her DS. It's so funny to me the things that kids do.

Pat and I are slowly getting so freedom and using Xander and Mara as baby sitters. 
This night we actually put the little girls to bed and had the big kids stay up 
while we went to a movie. It was really nice and a great way to help them 
gain some responsibility. Zoolander 2 was funny, but not as good as the 
first one. But we still had a great time out on our 'date'.

February - Xander's Science Fair & Mara's Pioneer Day

Melody and I have so much one on one time each day while the bigger kids are at school. It's 
so fun to watch her learn and grow. She really likes the piano and likes to 'play' it all the time.

One night Mara was in the shower and Melody decided that she wanted to take a bath. So instead 
of putting her off for 20 minutes, I took her up to my bathroom and let her play in the big tub!!!

Xander and his best friend Josh, did their science fair project together 
and completely on their own!! It was such a difference from last year, 
when Pat and I helped him out a ton on his project, and this year we didn't 
help at all. They were able to advance on to the District level too!!!

The only picture I took of Pat on his birthday. We went to the temple then 
to dinner at Yamato. It seems like this is a birthday tradition for him.

Mara's been wanting to get her hair cut, so we finally went and did it. They styled it 
with some beach waves and she loved it. Sadly, I haven't been able to recreate it since.

Melody surely has a different taste in food than the rest of the kids 
did at 2 years old. Here she is eating broccoli, and loving it!!!

Mara is so good to play with Melody and do whatever she wants. This day they were 
coloring together and I spied them from the landing. Melody had been hollering 
at Mara saying that she was done coloring, then looked up, saw me and smiled.

I don't get snuggles much lately, and it makes me sad. So I have to 
document the random times that she's willing to give me loves.

This year the 4th grade decided that they wanted to make Valentine's boxes at home 
instead of just using a bag at school. Mara wanted to make a hot air balloon. So we 
looked at Pinterest and found directions on how to make a basket out of paper. I 
made the basket for her, but she came up with the idea for the rest of it and put it 
together. She really loved it and still has it in her room (over a month later).

On the 12th (when they were doing their Valentine's party) the 4th grade had their 
Pioneer day and performed their dances for the parents. It was fun to watch her 
dance, and I was able to get some fun pictures, all thanks to my telephoto lens!!

At the end the kids came and grabbed their parent and taught them the dance, but Mara 
didn't want to dance anymore, so we sat on the sidelines and watched. I love this girl 
so much and am happy that she's involved with school and loves to learn.