Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Rest of February

In the pantry we had our candy bucket on a lower shelf and Melody discovered that she could get into 
it and get chocolate all by herself. This usually happened while I was busy doing my hair. It happened 
so much that we have now moved the bucket higher!! Here she is, proudly eating a chocolate bar.

As per our usual birthday celebration, we went to Cold Stone for some 
ice cream. It makes birthdays fun because we get birthday coupons!!

Melody was in heaven because she was able to sample every ones ice cream!!

We got some new Star Wars books from Amazon and these are kids board books!! 
We got one about colors and one about numbers!

Karri let us borrow her puzzle that she bought in Disneyland. It is way way way cute and was really 
fun to put together. What's even better is that it was a fast one too. We got it done in about a day!!

On my birthday we headed up to Orem to do some shopping at the mall. We met up with
Karri, JD & Chris and got some lunch at the food court. Then we headed to the Disney Store 
like always. It was there that Mara got a Large Chewbacca Tsum Tsum and loves it!!!!

I didn't get any pictures of dinner, but we went to Lucky 5, here in Spanish Fork with 
Mom and Karri. It's Chinese food and was really yummy!! I want to go back soon!

I made sure to get a few birthday selfies.

It was a really nice birthday because of this guy. I was able to sleep in, eat what I 
wanted, and I even played Lego Marvel Super Heroes!!!! All in all, 35 was a good birthday!

Our van hit a milestone, 130,000 miles!!!

Xander and Josh advanced to the district Science Fair and were able to advance to the region too!

Melody found something new to keep her busy while I get ready in 
the mornings, pour out her money and put it back in her bank!

It was a little chilly, but the sun was out so the girls wanted to play in the backyard. 
It only lasted about 20 minutes before I was too cold and it was lunch time.

Pat was dusting all of his Lego sets and when he got down his Deathstar all three 
girls swarmed in and started playing with it. It makes these geek parents happy!

I was able to have a girls night with Lana, Gwen and Liza to celebrate birthdays!! We went and 
saw the movie Brooklyn, got food from Kneaders, then ate and talked at Liza's house. It was
so nice to have a night out, especially with these sisters of mine. If only Amber lived closer.

I don't know why the kids like to sit on the arm of the couch, 
but I find Melody and Jaina sitting here all the time.

Mara needed at new bike, and she only had a few specifications, a basket and the color 
blue. Well, we found one at Toys R Us that was mint green with a basket and she loved it! She 
was so so happy to finally have a new bike and not have to ride hand me downs anymore.

One morning, Melody had wet out so bad that I had to change the sheets, and 
it was easier to do that if I took the mattress out. Well, Melody thought that 
was fantastic and jumped a bunch on it, and was upset when I had to put it back.

That night around 11, right when Pat and I were getting ready for bed, through the monitor, we heard Melody throw up. That's one of the worst sounds ever, and at her age she doesn't understand and was crying really hard. So I ran into her room only to see her completely covered! So I called for Pat to start a bath while I got her undressed. While he bathed her, I cleaned up her bed which took a long while. I had to change her sheet, get a new blanket out and clean a bunch of her toys. She has so many stuffed animals that got dirty I was worried that we would have to throw them away. Once we got her all settled and I started the washer, she threw up again. Pat was able to get her into our bathroom at least, but now there was a new pair of jammies and more to clean up. By this time Pat needed to go to sleep because he had to get up extra early for work the next morning. So I sat in the rocking chair with her, hoping that she would fall asleep. Sadly she didn't, and threw up a few more times, but luckily we were able to get most of it in the toilet or in a bowl, even though she pushed against us every time. By this time it was midnight and I was pretty sure she was done. So we headed downstairs and put on Winnie the Pooh aka The Backson. The movie was an hour and she managed to stay awake the whole time, but thankfully nothing else came up. I put her back to bed and managed to get myself in bed around 1:30 am. It was a rough night, but there was a little saving grace. Initially, Melody was having a really hard time falling asleep and we knew that Jaina wasn't going to be able to sleep either, so we had Jaina sleep in Mara's room that night. It was such a tender mercy that we didn't have two cranky children the next day, that would have been rough on a sleep deprived mama.