Monday, May 9, 2016

Easter 2016

On Easter Sunday, March 27th, we were able to get a quick family picture before we headed out to church.

These kids of ours are so cute!

I wanted to try for an outdoor picture after church, but it didn't work as well. Melody just wanted 
to run around because we were outside, then you've got the sun and shadows to worry about. 

Our neighbor got a chick for Easter and they let the kids come over to see it. 
The girls were really skiddish, but Xander just dove right in and held it, of course.

It wanted to burrow in his hair.

Since we have church at 9am we did the Easter baskets after church.

Melody got a Mickey and Piglet.

Jaina was super happy with more Tsum Tsums.

Mara got more Tsum Tsums also, and she's sporting her 
Pikachu hat that we got for her from Comic Con the day before.

Xander got a Venom Tsum Tsum and Pokemon cards!!

It was a really low key holiday, but we were able to spend it with family.

A few days later, we took advantage of $5 Tuesday and took the big kids to see Batman vs Superman!

It was a great way to finish off the month of March!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2016

To start out the geek weekend, oddly we had french bread that looked a lot like the Star Trek symbol.

Salt Lake Comic Con FanX was March 24-26

Day 1 - Thursday

Pat and Jaina on our way to the Salt Palace.

Pre-con selfie with the big kids.

There were arcade games at a booth that looked like a lot of fun.

Jaina wanted to wear her Cinderella dress, but after 20 minutes, 
she was done and took it off, but not before I got a picture of her.

Jaina's favorite part of Comic Con is pictures with characters, it's 
almost like Disneyland.  She was excited to see these Inside Out characters.

The whole evening she wanted to go to the Tea Party, and she 
was so happy to finally go over there and see Elsa and Anna.

In normal Jaina fashion, she talked to everyone that she could and loved Captain America.

He even let her wear his shield!!!

This was also all that Melody wanted to do and was happy to get out of the stroller to play.

She didn't care about the princesses there, only Olaf. She 
would carry him around, put him at the table and feed him!

Captain America and Black Widow.

Mel finally started talking to Cinderella and it was cute.

We also found the tiny Tardis and this time kids were allowed to go inside it!!!

It was really cool to find a Frozen Fever Anna

There were two men dressed as Cyberman and one of them let Jaina wear his helmet!

We were able to hang out with Karri that night too.

At the end of the night we went and bought these mystery minis. They were 
blind boxed and we were lucky and Mara and I ended up getting the ones 
that we wanted. Jaina wanted Anna, but was okay with getting Belle.

We found a giant BB-8!!!!

Day 2 - Friday

Pre-con selfie with Jaina.

Mara just flipped out when she saw the Cat Bus from 'My Neighbor Totoro'

She was even more excited when they were able to take a ride in it!!!


Oh no! Don't Blink!!!!

These girls sure love their Star Wars too.

We came up early enough that Melody didn't get a nap, but she zonked around 4:30 which was 
good and bad. We had a photo op with Alex Kingston scheduled at 5:00. Once we got in line
 she woke up and was cranky. Then while we waited Pat took her and let her run around a bit. 

We didn't like to wait, but it was worth it.

I wanted to have Melody meet Alex, because it was her character that we got Melody's name 
from. But because of the late/short nap then running around, she didn't want to be held 
and screamed for the picture. UGH!!!!  Note to self: no more kids in photo ops!!

She was happy once we were done, but didn't want to get out of the Tardis.

So we headed over to the Tea Party again to make her happy.

Mara and Jaina wanted to get their faces painted and Mara chose to 
have claw marks!!! Such an odd choice, but that's what she wanted.

Jaina got a pretty flowery/butterfly like design.

Then Jaina wanted to do the Super Hero Training.

These 3 sure love coming to Comic Con.

On our way out we found someone to take our picture. It was such a good pic of all of us.

We've been wanting to get Jaina this Rosalina Amiibo, but it was hard to find and we 
didn't want to buy an overpriced one on eBay. We were lucky enough to find one at 
Comic Con and surprised Jaina with it when we got home. She was overjoyed!!!!

Day 3 - Saturday

It was just me and the boys this day. Mara was originally going 
to come up with us, but changed her mind the night before.

We started the day with Alex Kingston's panel. She is really funny and has a great personality.

I was so excited that Gillian Anderson came and we got a photo op with her!!

Oh no!! We need to run from the AT-AT's.

Karri had bought a combo photo op with Alex Kingston and Matt Smith, and because 
of the photo fail with Alex the day before, she let me join in on her picture!!!

It was a great end to a fun FanX!!!!!!