Wednesday, September 28, 2016

End of April

The big kids love watching Melody play her "DS"

After the fun scavenger hunt we shopped a bit at Target and my boys were being cute with Melody. 

Mara had gone with Brent & Lisa to Conli's soccer game that was in Spanish Fork and this was the picture that I got from Lisa. It was so windy and cold and Mara was not dressed for the occasion, so it's a good thing that they had warm clothes and a blanket in their car.

At Mana's house all the kids like to play with her bow & arrow sets. There are a bunch of extra arrows and Melody likes to find them and play along with all the kids. What's even more cute is that when they were all done, she brought them all in and put them away!! (Mom keeps them in a large vase behind the door of her craft room)

Pat was working on the sprinklers and Melody had a great time playing with all the rocks.

We've been watching a lot of Daniel Tiger lately and Melody picked up on the potty episode and told me she wanted to go potty. So I got out the little chair and she would sit on it (fully clothed) and say she was going potty. It makes me laugh. I'm sure it will be awhile before she wants to potty train but at least she is getting a little glimpse of it.

Jaina had her field trip to Hogle Zoo and my neighbor was there as a helper and sent me this picture of Jaina at lunch time.

Pat and I have started making puzzles lately and this was a big one. We spent the good part of Sunday watching a few movies and working on it and we had it about 75% done. Well Monday morning, Melody got to it without my knowledge and destroyed it ALL!!!! I was speechless when I found it. After a few minutes of staring in disbelief, I grabbed some bowls and started separating the edges, and the noticeable parts we had worked on the night before. Then I spent a lot of the day, trying to re-do some of it before Pat got home from work so it wouldn't be so bad.
Needless to say, we have changed how we do puzzles and always put them away when we're not working on them.

I just love this picture. Mara was playing her Kindle and Melody had to join her.

Mana's 65th Birthday Scavenger Hunt

It was Mana's 65th birthday and JD wanted to make it EPIC for her. So he created a scavenger hunt with 
an app that the teams could log into and play on. We were split up into teams and set out on a fun few hours.

Team lramey: Mana, Lisa, Xander, Mara & Finley
Team LadyKarri: Brent, Patrick, Karri, Conli & Jaina
Team ChrisAndTheStarfish: Me, Chris, Max, Sawyer & Melody

We could access the list of tasks, had to take a picture with the app and upload it to get the points.

This is all the pictures that were taken by each team. It was so much fun and we all had a great time.

**For the record, Pat's team was the first to finish even though we all completed the tasks**