Saturday, April 29, 2017

August 22-30, 2016 - First Day Of School / Salt Lake City

It was finally time to go to the school and meet the girls new 
teachers. Jaina has been so excited to finally be in 1st grade!!

This is her new teacher Mrs. Bates

Mara's new teacher Mr. Tuescher

Later that day we headed over to Lana's house for Olivia's 4th 
birthday party. It was zoo themed and Lana had masks for everyone.

Summer's over and it's finally the first day of school. Xander had actually gone 
to school the day before for a half day with only 7th graders so they could find 
their way around the school easier. But today was the first official day of school.

Xander is now 5'8" and wears a size 13 shoe! He is definitely growing in knowledge and stature. 

Jaina is so happy to finally be in 1st grade, go to school all day and have 
school lunch! She wouldn't let me do her hair fancy, just wanted a pony tail.

Mara is so ready for school and excited to have a boy teacher this year.

Melody and I had had a pretty boring day with everyone gone. I had let her sleep a 
little longer during her nap, which ended up being a bad thing, because she didn't 
want to wake up and ended up sleeping on me for awhile after I got her out of bed. 

We love when Uncle Morri comes to visit because he 
doesn't mind playing dress up with the little one.

I had a WIC appointment out in Payson and on the way home I decided to stop at Salem Pond so Melody 
could play outside. She loved that there were ducks on the grass and she tried to catch them.

We found a praying mantis on the playground and she was so concerned 
about it. I think we hung out watching it for close to 10 minutes.

This is her new way of watching shows. Daniel Tiger is no longer on Netflix so we have to watch it on 
Amazon Video. Sadly our Apple TV doesn't have that app, so we can't watch it on the TV, only the iPad.

Dad reading a book to the girls is something that I love, and they 
decided to wear their matching jammies from Christmas too!

It was Saturday and we wanted to go up to Salt Lake to see what kind of Pokemon were 
there. Xander and Mara didn't want to come, so we arranged for them to hang out 
at friends houses while we were gone. So it was just us with Jaina and Melody.

We had to throw pennies into every fountain we saw, 
and they used ALL of the pennies that I had in my purse.

It was so nice getting out of the house and doing something different for a change.

While the kids are at school, Melody has free range of doing pretty much 
anything that she wants to. This is how she decides which movie to watch.

Melody noticed the training potty under Xander's sink and wanted to get it out. She 
would follow me into the bathroom and sit down on it (but still had a diaper on). 
She did this every so often for a week or so. So I know that training is in our future.

Jaina and Mara have officially started piano lessons. We've had the piano since last November and they 
are both been wanting lessons. So they are being taught by a young woman in the ward, Jessica Jensen. 

Melody just playing dress up. She's such a cutie.

August 12-19, 2016 - Trafalga / Lindon Pool / Utah Lake Jetty

Oh Summertime and sister sleep overs. Usually Jaina will sleep on the extra mattress in 
Mara's room but this night Jaina wanted Mara in her room and they both ended up on the 
floor. It amazes me that kids can sleep anywhere, while I feel horrible if I'm not in a bed.

We were going on a date to the temple and took the kids to Grandma & 
Grandpa's house. This is how I found these two before we even left.

Later that day, we had a wedding reception to go to and wanted to go to dinner first. so we 
took the kids to Mana's and headed down to The Riverwoods to eat at the Happy Sumo.

After dinner we did a little Pokemon hunting and found this giant Pokeball by the shops.

After we got home and put littles to bed we went to see the new Ghostbusters at the Watergarden's.
It was so great to be able to take time out here and there for just us. It was a day with three dates!

Summer was coming to an end soon so we decided to take the 
kids to Trafalga. Jaina just loves this place and was super excited to go.

This was Melody's first time on the frogger ride and she was so nervous and ended up crying!

We were excited that the roller coaster was working. 
The boys went on it first then I took the girls.

This was also Melody's first roller coaster. I had my arm across her body the whole time to 
keep her in. I think she liked it a little because she didn't completely freak out! So yay!

We went on the boat too.

Jaina was happy to be able to be in her own bumper boat this time. There are perks of growing up!

After Trafalga, we got some dinner, went to Mana's to change into our swimsuits and 
headed over to the Lindon pool. It's been year since we've been there (before Jaina was 
born). We had been talking to Lana and she  and the kids came and met us at the pool.  
Being that it was the middle of August the weather was a little overcast, but we went 
anyway. I'm glad that we did because there were maybe 2-3 other families there besides 
us. So we pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was a little chilly, but still fun.

Since school was starting soon, I made eye appointments for all the kids. I already knew 
that Xander needed a new prescription (even though he got new glasses in the spring). 
Mara needed a new pair also and she decided on this cute blue pair. Jaina has great 
vision and didn't need anything, but she was upset because she wanted glasses badly. So 
took one of  Mara's old pairs into them, they put non-prescription lenses in them for her.

With the kids getting older, there are more and more times that Xander doesn't want to hang 
out with us. Since he has an iPod and a was to contact us, I'm good with letting him stay home. 
After all, he is 12.  Anyway, we took the girls to see the new Pete's Dragon. This was Melody's 
first real movie and she did better than I though she would. I really liked the movie even 
though it was very different than the original. But times change and movies change too.

We had heard that the jetty at Utah Lake was a good place for Pokemon, so we grabbed Karri 
(Xander got her to start playing) and headed over there. We knew we would probably be there 
for awhile, and there wasn't much for the girls to do, so we hooked up the portable DVD player 
in the car and the girls watched a movie in the car while we walked up and down the jetty.

Xander was going on a campout that he had to hike into and out of. He was 
excited for the new adventure and looked so cute with all his gear on.

While Xander was gone we picked up some dinner, met up with Karri, Mana, JD and 
Chris and went to Nielson's Grove. These girls just love parks and adventures.