Monday, May 1, 2017

September 18-30, 2016 - Temple Square / Larsen Carnival

We decided to go up to Temple Square with all of the kids and Karri because 
we knew it was Pokemon heaven. On our walk from the car we found a 
cricket and Pat put it on the stroller. Surprisingly, she didn't freak out!

It's always fun having Karri with us on our adventures and the kids love it too!

That definitely made Melody tired and she didn't even do a lot of walking either.

It was a sad day, they closed the Watergardens' theater and were going to 
tear it down. It was such a great place to go, they had awesome ticket 
and food prices and it was so close to home. We will miss it a lot.

Melody wants to do everything that Mara does and it's adorable.

Sisterly love walking into Costco.

I love watching her play.

Pat and I went to the Payson temple. It had been awhile 
since we came out here and I just love how beautiful it is.

It was time for the school carnival and these girls were together the whole night. 

So I just followed Jaina around the whole time.

They both love the carnival and look forward to it every year.

Mara and I went to the Women's Conference broadcast with Mana, Lisa, Conli and Sawyer. Afterwards 
we headed over to Rockwell. They were so busy that we ended up eating out in the hallway.

Once again. she snuck into Jaina's seat for the car ride to church. She needs to stop growing up so fast.

When we got to church she found one of her Nursery leaders, 
Jennifer Hannett, and sat by her for quite sometime. She ended 
up going back and forth between us most of sacrament meeting.

I found some new jammies for Melody that are Batgirl 
and Wonder Woman, and she love love loved them.

We tried to potty train, but she was unwilling to take her shorts off. 
She ended up having a few accidents that didn't even phase her. 
So I decided she wasn't ready and to try again at a later date.

Melody doesn't really like to eat breakfast, but I was able to 
get her to eat while she watched Word World on the iPad.

Mara was honored as a Larson Leopard Leader in September, for being 
a good student, friend and example. It was a surprise for her and she 
didn't even know that I was there (the school had emailed me about it).

I'm so proud of her and the hard work she is doing at school.

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